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Canadian Illustrated News:
Images in the news: 1869-1883

Sample Issues of the Canadian Illustrated News

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October 30, 1869
Vol. I, No. 1

[page] 16


The imagination is so closely linked to the perceptive faculties, that the speediest and surest way of reaching the mind and impressing thereon facts and objects, is to lay them vividly before the eye (that main feeder of the imagination,) either in their reality, or in the drama, or even though their image painted or engraved. Hence the popularity of illustrated books and newspapers, through the latter of which especially, millions receive knowledge of the resources and features of various countries, and of occurrences therein, of which they would otherwise remain utterly ignorant. In the neighbouring States, and in Europe, illustrated papers flourish by scores, but Canada has no such medium of communication with its own people or the outside world. No counterpart have we to the Illustrated London News, Le monde Illustré, Harper's Weekly, &c. And yet, how much have we not in this vast Dominion, our noble home, how much of majestic nature, of grand architecture, of historical monuments, of floating palaces, of thriving manufactures, worthy of illustration in the highest style of the Engraver's art? How many interesting events, important ceremonies, elegant gatherings, now pass away forgotten, which, reproduced by the artist's skill, would in later years be recalled with pleasure and prove instructive and amusing to generations yet unborn? A Canadian Illustrated paper would be as it were a mirror that would reflect Canadian nature, enterprise and art throughout the world, and tell the multitudes who crowd the cities and hamlets of Europe how much Providence has done for us, what our energy is adding to nature's ample store, and what a promising field lies open to their capital and industry. Such a paper would also bring to the notice of our neighbors the rapid strides we are making in arts and manufactures. Through it tourists would be made acquainted with the beauty of our summer resorts, and the wild grandeur of our scenery.

By picturing to our own people the broad dominion they possess, its resources and progress, its monuments and industry, its great men and great events, such a paper would teach them to know and love it better, and by it they would learn to feel still prouder of the proud Canadian name.

Therefore do we launch this important enterprise, and claim the cordial support, and energetic co-operation, of all classes, creeds, and nationalities, in every portion of Canada.

The CANADIAN ILLUSTRATED NEWS will be published weekly, and will consist of sixteen large folio pages, printed in the highest style of art, on heavy tinted paper specially manufactured for the purpose, in Canada. At least seven pages will be handsomely illustrated by the beautiful and wonderful process of Leggotype, which being in result the transformation of a photograph into a relief engraving by purely chemical appliances, ensures accuracy as well as beauty of effect.

The foregoing remarks indicate the principal subjects to be illustrated. We will also reproduce, from foreign prints, engravings of special interest, or unusual merit. Our chief men will be portrayed as occasion may require, both in picture and letter press. Important improvements in machinery and agricultural implements will be illustrated and described. The fashions will monthly occupy a prominent place, and the Ladies will find interesting descriptions thereof by Paris and New York correspondents. A comic sketch may now and then rejoice the lover of ridicule, but never will our pages be disgraced by unbecoming or trivial prints.

From time to time subscribers will be presented with a large engraving, on fine extra heavy paper, worthy of being framed as a decoration to the library. This print will sometimes be colored, and will itself be worth a year's subscription. The reading matter will consist of a large article on the most interesting questions of the day, from a Canadian point of view, high-toned and thoroughly independent. Measures and men will be considered according to their merits, and public men need never fear to see their private affairs discussed in our columns, our intention being to produce a paper which in tone and sentiment will be unobjectionable to the most fastidious. Our aim shall ever be to elevate the tone of public discussion in Canada.

The condensed news of the week, from each province, and, during the sessions of the Legislatures and general Parliament, an analysis of the principal debates, will be accurately recorded.

Passing events in Europe and in America, as well as in other quarters of the world, will be carefully condensed and reproduced from week to week. An occasional European correspondence will give our readers a general idea of the situation of affairs, and at times of particular interest, in case of war for instance, a special correspondent will keep our readers posted on the progress of events.

Space will be given to local correspondence of general interest.

A column of wit and humor will be gleaned from the rich harvest of fun so cleverly reaped by Punch, Judy, the Owl, and other comic papers.

Arts, mechanics, and agriculture, will alternately be treated in connection with noteworthy progress and remarkable productions, which will be correctly illustrated.

A Tale of absorbing interest will claim from week to week the reader's fireside leisure, and its principal scenes will be illustrated. Original poems of small dimensions, but great merits, will receive a post of honour.

Literary, musical, and dramatic criticisms will, as occasion demands, occupy a prominent place in our columns, and new and important patents will be specially noticed.

In fine [sic, i.e., Finally Ed.], we will make every effort to exceed the expectations we have held forth, and to render the CANADIAN ILLUSTRATED NEWS, the favourite weekly of the whole dominion, by investing it with a high social and moral tone, making it a complete repertory of current events, and a record of the feelings and ideas of the times, worthy the patronage of every family throughout the land.


The CANADIAN ILLUSTRATED NEWS, will be sold at 10 cents per number, or $4.00 per annum, payable invariably in advance.

The first year's subscription will date from the 1st January 1870, although the publication begins in the present month. Subscribers will receive the paper gratis, from the date on which we receive their subscription note (payable on 2nd January 1870) until the end of the current year. Those subscribing within the first month of publication, will receive the back numbers of the ILLUSTRATED NEWS, without extra charge.

Postage will be prepaid by us on papers supplied direct from the office of publication.

A limited number of advertisements, nonpareil measure, style of Illustrated London News, will be taken at 15 cents per line for each insertion, payable in advance. This rate will not be increased until the circulation shall exceed 10,000. The first numbers will be issued to that extent, of which about 6,000 will be addressed personally to probable subscribers over the whole Dominion.

A most liberal discount will be allowed to News Agents.

Contributions, literary and artistic, will be thankfully received and carefully considered, and if accepted and published, will be liberally paid for.

In the United States, the subscription price will be $5.00 U.S. currency, including Canadian postage; single numbers 10 cents. In England, subscribers will pay £1 stg. per annum, or 6d. stg. per number.

For further particulars address "The Publisher of the Canadian Illustrated News, 319 St. Antoine street, Montreal."
Advertising office and sales room, 10 Place d'Armes.
Publisher and Proprietor.

Montreal, 18th October, 1869.