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1. Sketches of the St. [sic] John, N.B., Regatta
Unknown. Date: 11 October 1873
2. Skating Rink, St. John [sic], N.B.
Unknown. Date: 12 February 1870
3. The Suspension Bridge [Saint John, N.B.]
Russell, Edward John, 1832-1906. Date: 20 April 1872
4. Opening of the Academy of Music, St. John [sic], N.B.
Russell, Edward John, 1832-1906. Date: 01 June 1872
5. St. [sic] John, N.B. The St. Andrew's Ball
Russell, Edward John, 1832-1906. Date: 26 December 1874
6. Ruins of the Y.M.C. Association Building After the Hurricane of the 30th Nov., 1872 [St. John, N.B.] [sic]
Russell, Edward John, 1832-1906; Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873. Date: 04 January 1873
7. Partridge Island, Harbour of St. John [sic], N.B.
Hill, Albert J., Act. 1869-1877. Date: 28 January 1871
8. New Brunswick.The Provincial Exhibition Building at St. John [sic]
Unknown. Date: 21 08 1875
9. James I. Fellows, St. John's, N.B. [sic Saint John, N.B.]
Unknown. Date: 16 December 1871
10. The Fancy Dress Entertainment at the Skating Rink on the 19th Ult [St. John, N.B.] [sic]
R., E. J.. Date: 15 March 1873

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