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1. Down the St. Lawrence
Ault, H. S.. Date: 04 June 1881
2. Junction of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence
Unknown. Date: 25 December 1869
3. Canadian Scenery. On the Road to St. Urbain, Near Bay St. Paul, North Shore of R. St. Lawrence
Scheuer, W., Act. 1873-1883; Henderson. Date: 28 October 1876
4. The Brandy Pot Rocks. Lower St. Lawrence
Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873. Date: 30 March 1872
5. Winter Navigation of the Lower St. Lawrence. The Steamer "Progress"
Unknown. Date: 18 December 1875
6. Crossing the St. Lawrence in Winter
Unknown. Date: 06 March 1880
7. Burning of the Steamer Kingston on the St. Lawrence
Unknown. Date: 29 June 1872
8. Canoe with Mails and Passengers Crossing the St. Lawrence at Quebec, in Winter
Unknown. Date: 12 February 1870
9. Old Father St. Lawrence Shaking off His Winter Coat, and Making Ready for a Good Summer's Work
Unknown. Date: 06 May 1876
10. Ice Boating on the St. Lawrence
Unknown. Date: 03 February 1883

Results: (1-10 of 13)    Next