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Images in the news: 1869-1883

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21. View at the Mouth of the River Bergeronne, Saguenay Co. (1)
22. View from Bellemere, Lake Memphremagog (1)
23. View From High Rock Portage, Looking North From the Head of Pechaunigum Rapids [No.10] [Neepigon] [sic] (1)
24. View From la Croisette [The Island of Ste. Marguerite] (1)
25. View from the Citadel. Taking of the Earthworks. View From the Earthworks Looking Towards Citadel (1)
26. View From the Court House at Newcastle [New Brunswick] (1)
27. View From the Fort, Prince Arthur's Landing, Lake Superior (1)
28. View From the North Side of Quidi Vidi Lake [Newfoundland] (1)
29. View From the North Side of Upper Long Pond, Looking Toward the "Narrows" [Newfoundland] (1)
30. View From the Road Leading to O'Brien's Bridge, Looking South Towards St. John's [Newfoundland] (1)
31. View From the Roof of the Evans House the Morning After the Fire. A, Site of the Globe Theatre [The Fire at Boston] (1)
32. View From the Top of the Toboggan Slide at Rideau Hall, Showing the Old Skating Rink Now Used as a Curling Rink and All the Buildings on Government Hill (1)
33. View in Government Street, Victoria. B.C. (1)
34. View in Halifax Harbour (1)
35. View in the Cemetery, Hamilton (1)
36. View in the Gorge Near Victoria [British Columbia] (1)
37. View in the Gut of Canso, Between Cape Breton and Nova Scotia (1)
38. View in the Valley of the Don, Near Toronto (1)
39. View Looking Over the Village of Mattawan, From Pissemont Hill [Sketches of Scenery on the Upper Ottawa] (1)
40. View Looking Toward Longeuil [1] [Sketches on the Ice Railroad] (1)

Results: (21-40 of 134)  Previous  Next