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Canadian Illustrated News:
Images in the news: 1869-1883

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December 29, 1883
Vol. XXVIII, No. 26

[page] 402

Parting Words

We regret to have to announce that with the present impression, the publication of the Canadian Illustrated News will be discontinued. It was established thirteen years ago. A sufficient time has therefore elapsed thoroughly to try an experiment. The Illustrated News is discontinued for the simple reason that its issue is not renumerative to the Company who publish it. Every effort has been made to secure a different result; and there has been a very considerable expenditure on both the artistic and letter press departments as well as on the material parts of the paper and typography, which have certainly been equal to those of other illustrated journals on this continent.

The readers of the News are the natural and the best judges of the degree of success which has attended on the expenditure of both money and labour to which we have referred. And to those steadfast subscribers and readers who have during the years we have mentioned, promptly met their obligations, our best thanks are due. There has, however, unfortunately, been another class of subscribers; those who have not met the obligations they had undertaken; and to them, in a very large measure, the announcement which we now make, is owing.

There is another view. It is quite possible that Canada has not yet obtained a sufficient population to enable a publication of an illustrated weekly journal to be made. It is certain that in the United States the population was five or six times as great as that of Canada, before an illustrated journal was a success there. There is an apparent exception to this argument afforded by the illustrated papers in Australia. But then it is to be observed, that the per capita wealth of the population in Australia is exceptional, with the additional feature that the settlements are compact.

Those of our subscribers who have paid in advance, will have the balances returned to them, so soon as the books are made up. Those who have not paid, but are in arrears, are, of course, expected now to pay; and will naturally understand payment will be insisted upon.

It only remains to say to all our readers that inevitable word "which must and hath been: Farewell!"