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Cabinet Conclusions

Highlights of 1973

Library and Archives Canada has released the 1973 Cabinet Conclusions of the Twentieth Ministry of the Rt. Hon. Pierre Trudeau.

Main Issues of 1973

The 1976 Olympic Games in Montréal
Cabinet discussed which broadcaster would be awarded the rights to air the games in Canada, a commemorative coin, postage stamp and program, a cultural program, the supportive role of the Department of National Defence, security planning, and other federal government involvement.

Western Economic Opportunities Conference
This conference was intended to explore the potential for economic and social development in Western Canada, and to consider programs for stimulating the economic and industrial base of the western provinces.

Trade Relations between Canada and the United States
In 1973, efforts were made to settle a number of outstanding trade problems between Canada and the United States. Cabinet believed that significant efforts were necessary to improve trade relations between the two countries.

Bilingual Public Service
Cabinet was asked to confirm the federal government’s policy on bilingualism in the public service. More specifically, the general question of language requirements in the public service addressed the need to hire staff or provide staff with the necessary training to fill positions designated bilingual.

Conflict of Interest
Separate proposals for policies to govern the conduct of Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers were submitted. The Privy Council Office viewed the two groups as having different concerns and felt that the standard of conduct for Ministers was already well established. The main concern was that no conflict should exist or appear to exist between the private interests and public duties of a Minister or Member of Parliament.

Indian Claims Policy
Perceiving the need for a new policy on Indian and Inuit claims, Cabinet agreed to create two special committees. They were to deal with matters arising from negotiations or other problems related to Indian and Inuit claims, and to determine what questions would be referred to Cabinet for decision. In addition, various aspects of Indian and Inuit rights with respect to claims needed clarification: who among the Indian and Inuit peoples would be covered in the negotiations and for what length of time, who would be designated eligible, and who would negotiate on their behalf.

Oil Policy
The security of Canada’s oil supply was emerging as a major issue in discussions between Canada and the United States. There was a strong demand for export of Canadian oil due largely to oil supply difficulties in the United States. The protection of Canada’s domestic oil requirements, its oil exports, and the pricing of crude oil were all primary concerns.

Regional Development Policy
Following from the Cabinet decision in late 1972 to modify the regional development policy of the federal government, Cabinet members met to discuss possible changes in the operation of the regional development incentives program. Questions on providing information to provincial governments, to Parliament, and to the public about the review of this policy were also addressed.

Food Prices Review Board
Cabinet agreed to establish a Food Prices Review Board. Questions were raised regarding the announcement of the Board, its membership, and whether to allow the Board authority to make recommendations.

Access to Public Records
The possibility of permitting access to public records after 20 years instead of after 30 years was discussed. It was noted that the United States would be changing its public access rule to 20 years in 1975.