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Indian Affairs Annual Reports, 1864-1990

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upon this continuation, there will be about 200 farm lots of fair quality. The road will terminate at the safe and convenient harbor of Tobor Moray, distant about 25 miles from Thomas Bay and about 5 miles more from Heywood Sound, generally known now as "South Bay," on the great Manitoulin Island. It is anticipated that when settlement shall have sufficiently progressed upon the island and the northerly coast of Lake Huron, the route up the Peninsula, a distance of somewhat over 50 miles, shortening as it will for a winter transport of mails, the journey as now made around the eastern coast of Lake Huron, (for a considerable distance a desolate region) by about 150 miles, will become a great highway to the mining districts, the Sault Ste. Marie and the Red River country. (The Ontario and Huron and Bruce railway lines will form the first link in the chain of communication.) It is believed that the traverse from Tobor Moray to the Island, can be passed by a suitable screw steamer throughout probably the whole winter. The interval as it is understood being seldom so obstructed by ice, as to prevent a steamer adapted for winter navigation making the passage.

An examination of the Continuation of the line of road with a view to locating it to the best possible advantage, which it is expected will prove it to be advisable to deviate in some degree from the line run under the name the Bury Road, when the Northern townships were laid out in survey, was commenced last autumn, and it is trusted that contracts for making the road will be entered into early in the coming season.

It may be proper to state assistance has also been given in the construction of one wharf and landing place on Colpoy's Bay, on the North side of the township of Keppel; and another at the village of Wiarton. The steamers touching at these places admit of supplies for the new settlers being the more conveniently and less expensively conveyed, and also for produce being carried to market at Owens Sound, the county town.

The construction of roads on the Manitoulin Island has likewise engaged your attention.

Two contracts entered into with T. Herrick Esq., surveyor and engineer, have been satisfactorily carried on, and one of them completed. The first section from Little Current now village of Shaftesbury to the village of Sheguiandah, a distance of rather more than 9 miles, and the second from the last named place to Manitowaning about 12 miles more, have been certified by Superintendent Plummer as satisfactorily constructed, and appear to be excellent roads of their class, well drained, and the culverts, crossways, and bridges will planned and built. A branch road from that line to Michael Bay on the southern coast of the Island is in course of construction, under Mr. Plummer's supervision. The latter road which leads to the vicinity of Messrs. Lyon and White's Mill, will afford additional facilities for settlement. Mr Herrick who explored the line and located it, describes both lines explored by him as passing, upon the departure from the main line, through some miles of excellent land. Thin occurs a level limestone plain, extending about two miles, succeeded by a tract of about two and a half miles in length, of "rich land heavily timbered with maple, basswood, "beach, pine, cedar and oak." Mr. Herrick remarks in some spots the fires have burnt off fallen timber "many acres of land require only the removal of a few scattered logs to each "acre to afford rich and thoroughly cleared farms." He continues, "on nearing the town "line of Tehkumah, a rich and heavily timbered country is entered on; which extends over "the Southern portion of sand field and entirely across Tehkumah until within about three "miles of Michael Bay.

I considered it advisable to insert these extracts that through the medium of this report such useful particulars calculated to inform the public mind as to what has been done in Indian affairs, and what the prospects are resulting therefrom, might be to some degree disseminated.

The nine townships upon the island which have been surveyed, consisting of Billing, Shegueandah, Howland, Bidwell, Assiginach, Tehkumah, Carnarvon, Campbell and Allan (under the charge of Mr. Plummer, the successor of Mr. Dupont) contain such a proportion of agricultural land, with considerable quantities of other land adapted for pasturage, (cattle do remarkable well upon the island) as to present advantages; enhanced by the island being less remote from the mining regions than the main land, of which it is trusted many individuals about to seek for land for settlement will avail themselves, for the completion of the roads will now enable them the more readily to visit the lands open for sale.

In the vicinity of the Sault Ste. Marie and Batchewana, and Goulais Bay, no steps

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