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Cabinet Conclusions
This research tool provides access to the Cabinet Conclusions which summarize the discussions that took place at the meetings of the Federal Cabinet. They document decision-making at the highest level of the Canadian government and offer researchers a glimpse into Canadian politics for the years 1944 to 1975. The tool provides a unique look into the policies and processes of Cabinet as it is possible to search on one topic and retrieve results from all years of the Conclusions.

ARCHIVED - Canada and the First World War
From 1914 to 1918, thousands of Canadian men and women were called upon to contribute to the effort required for the First World War, an event that transformed our nation, culture, economy and identity. This exhibition is designed to illustrate, through Library and Archives Canada collections, the many roles that Canadian men and women played during the First World War, and the definite mark the war left on our society.

Canada at War: A Guide to Library and Archives Canada Websites Recalling the Canadian War Experience
This site will lead you to the many resources available on our website, exploring Canada's contribution to military and peacekeeping operations at home and around the world. Each of the links contained in this website will lead you to a virtual exhibition or a database of primary documents.

ARCHIVED - Canada By Design: Parliament Hill, Ottawa
Canada by Design features hundreds of historical photographs of Parliament Hill, from the construction of the Parliament Buildings to the many ceremonies and gatherings that have made Parliament Hill central to Canada's civic character.  The website also features unique architectural drawings that reveal the artistry and attention to detail that have shaped Parliament Hill since the mid-19th century.

Canada's Constitutional Evolution
The constitutional documents are the focal point of this exhibition, from the Édit de création du Conseil souverain de Québec (Edict creating the Sovereign Council of Quebec) of 1663 to the Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982, with the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the Quebec Act of 1774, the Constitutional Act of 1791, the Union Act of 1840 and the British North America Act of 1867.

ARCHIVED - Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown
The Department of Transport, Department of Communications, Department of National Defence, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the National Research Council all dealt with reports, sightings and investigations of UFOs across Canada. Each department had different interests and goals. The truth about their investigations is found in files held by Library and Archives Canada. A selection of these files have been digitized and made available on this site.

ARCHIVED - Canadian Confederation
The Canadian Confederation website tells the story of how Canada came to be, from the original four provinces in 1867 to the present. Historical essays showcase documents, articles and photographs of the people, places and events that have shaped our country.

Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition (Thematic Guide)
This guide consists of a history, specific references to government sources and a selected bibliography on the Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition, also known as Expo '67.

Genealogy and Family History – Databases
The Genealogy and Family History develops databases on various aspects of the population of Canada and hosts other databases created by their partners. Each database includes a comprehensive online help page, which contains helpful information about the records, the database and how to consult the actual records.

Genealogy and Family History – Sources by Topic
In this section, you will find information about records held at Library and Archives Canada; records held in other institutions; examples of documents; links to databases and Web sites; suggestions for published sources; and research tips.

Canadian Government Expositions Centre (Thematic Guide)
This guide consists of a history and specific references to government sources on the Canadian Government Expositions Centre.

Canadian Government Information
Library and Archives Canada maintains this selective collection of Internet sources for governmental information. It includes links to Canadian government Web sites and key federal documents, as well as to official and non-official sites containing information on foreign governments and international organizations and their publications.

Canadian Historical Association Booklets
The Canadian Historical Association publishes a series of booklets on aspects of Canadian history. Written in accessible prose by specialists, they are published in both English and French.

Canadian Illustrated News: Images in the News, 1869-1883
The Canadian Illustrated News site is a selection of almost 4000 images of people, places and events across Canada and around the world taken from the popular 19th-century magazine.

Canadian Immigration Since Confederation and the Department of External Affairs (Thematic Guide)
This guide is a brief review of records on immigration to Canada in the Records of the Department of External Affairs (RG 25). These include both the records of the Department proper after its establishment in 1909, and those of predecessor offices in London, England dating back to the 1880s.

Canadian Information by Subject – Political Science
Canadian Information By Subject is an information service developed by the Library and Archives Canada to provide links to information about Canada from Internet resources around the world.

Canadian Legal and Constitutional Information
This is a selective collection of links maintained by Library and Archives Canada to both official and non-official Web sites providing access to primary legal materials (legislation and case law) as well as secondary materials such as research guides.

ARCHIVED - Canadian Postal Archives
In addition to offering an overview of the philatelic collections preserved by Library and Archives Canada, the site allows visitors to find information about every postage stamp issued by Canada and British North America since 1851.

Canadian Post Office Publications
This online database provides access to about 26 000 pages of official administrative directives concerning the Canadian Post Office. Published between 1759 and 1900, these directives come primarily from three types of publications: the Canadian Official Postal Guide (1863 to 1900), administrative circulars (1812 to 1900) and a few federal government publications.

ARCHIVED - The Canadian State: Documents and Dialogue
Drawing on the rich documentary heritage collection at Library and Archives Canada, The Canadian State is an educational resource that offers both classroom activities and primary historical materials to support a broader understanding of government and politics in Canada.

ARCHIVED - Canadian War Industry During the Second World War
On this website you will find images of black and white photographs taken during the Second World War by the Wartime Information Board, whose photographic operations were later transferred to the National Film Board.

The Canadian West
In the period covered by this exhibition – the years prior to the 1930s – the population of western Canada increased from less than a hundred thousand to over three million. Such an unprecedented influx was made possible only by drawing on a multitude of ordinary men, women, and children from across Europe. Their arrival on the western frontier dramatically changed the history of western Canada and the ethnic makeup of the country. This exhibition explores several aspects of European arrival and settlement in the Canadian West, and provides a glimpse of those people who helped forge the new society and bring the West into Confederation.

ARCHIVED - Celebrating Women's Achievements
On this site you will find a selection of exceptional Canadian women who have made outstanding contributions to Canadian society and the world, such as the first woman Governor General, the first women Lieutenant Governors, the first women Territorial Commissioners, the first woman member of Parliament, the first women elected to Provincial and Territorial Legislatures, together with other women activists who have worked to improve various aspects of the lives of all Canadian women.

Census Microfilm Reels from 1666 to 1901
This database combines our two published catalogues of census returns on microfilm into an on-line version. It allows researchers to identify relevant microfilm reel numbers for census returns they wish to search. The Online Help screens provide information about census records and explain how and where to consult the microfilm.

Census of 1851 (Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)
The database on which this research tool is based contains 2459 records. Each record consists of the following fields: Province or Colony, District Name, District Number, Sub-district Name or Description, Sub-district Number, Reference, and Microfilm Reel Number.

Census of Canada, 1901
The 1901 Census offers a rich source of information about Canada and Canadians at the turn of the 20th Century. Through this research tool you can access digitized images of the original census returns, which record age, nationality, religion, profession, income, education, etc for every single resident of Canada on 31 March 1901.

Census of Canada, 1911
Conducted under the provisions of the Census and Statistics Act (1905), the Fifth General Census of Canada began on 01 June and collected information related to each inhabitant of the country, including place of habitation, marital status, age, place of birth, religion, occupation, education, etc. The Census of Canada 1911 covered the nine provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) and two territories (the Yukon and the Northwest Territories) that were then part of Confederation.

Census of Ontario, 1871
This database contains the names of the heads of households in the Province of Ontario as they were recorded in April 1871 in the official enumeration of the population of Canada. The census returns record personal information such as name, age, country or province of birth, occupation, ethnic origin and religious denomination.

Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906
Through this research tool you can access digitized images of original census returns, which recorded the names of family members, their sex, marital status, year of immigration to Canada, post office address, etc.

Citizenship Registration Records for the Montreal Circuit Court (1851-1945)
Before 1947, foreigners could petition for naturalization. Library and Archives Canada holds the citizenship registration records for the Montreal Circuit Court (1851-1945). This research tool contains 8,432 references.

ARCHIVED - Confederation for Kids
This site was written for young people ages 9 to 13 who are learning about how Canada came to be a country.

Courts-martial of the First World War
This online database provides access to records of individual courts martial.  These records document charges under the Army Act and the trial itself. Many courts martial records include formal rulings about the legal proceedings by the Judge Advocate General, who is the senior officer responsible for overseeing military justice.

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