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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

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Wilson, Ian E., Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Travel Expenses - 2009

Dates Purpose Total Cost
02-20 to 02-22 Speak at the Heritage Forum "Saskatchewan's Heritage : Looking Forward" $1,181.55
04-24 to 04-27 Speak at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society 40th Conference $897.35
  Total: $2,078.90

Hospitality Expenses - 2009

Dates Event Description Cost
02-17 Business lunch with a donor $51.12
02-23 Meeting with Jean Chrétien re: documents for the "Kitchen Accord" $13.13
02-25 Business lunch with David Mitchell $51.12
03-03 Business lunch with Jean-Pierre Soublière $76.51
03-12 Business breakfast with Jim Mitchell $44.64
03-20 Business lunch with Champlain Society $114.31
04-21 Business luncheon and guided tour of Preservation Centre with members of the Supreme Court of Canada $310.28
  Total: $661.11