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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

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Rimmer, Doug, Assistant Deputy Minister - Acquisitions

Travel Expenses - 2010

Dates Purpose Total Cost
04-26 to 04-27 Attend the Collaboration summit hosted by Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. $326.97
04-27 to 04-30 Association of Research Libraries 2010 membership meeting $2,020.01
05-18 to 05-21 Canadian Association of Research Libraries 2010 annual general meeting $2,186.64
06-07 to 06-11 1)To attend the Association of Canadian Archivist conference 2) Attend to the National, Provincial and Territorial Archivists Conference and visit the regional service center Archivists Conference and visit the regional service center $1,586.69
  Total: $6,120.31

Hospitality Expenses - 2010

Dates Event Description Cost
04-09 Meeting concerning modernization for the Acquisition sector. $96.68
05-14 Refreshments - Meeting concerning document: Shaping our Continuing Memory Collectively: A Representative Documentary Heritage $318.12
06-09 Breakfast - National, provincial and territorial Achivists 48th Conference $305.97
06-16 Refreshments - Meeting with the extended management team of the acquisitions sector $47.25
09-16 Breakfast-lunch-refreshments- Retreat of the Acquisition Management Team $1,240.74
09-22 Breakfast-lunch-refreshments-Academic Consultation Forum $1,016.61
09-28 Lunch-Joint retreat between Library and Archives Canada and the Chief Information Officer Branch of Treasury Board Secratariat $340.69
10-21 Breakfast-lunch-dinner-refreshments- Meeting with Library and Archives Canada stakeholders $2,966.25
10-22 Breakfast-lunch- National, Provincial, Territorial Archivists Conference $841.85
10-22 Reception- Meeting with Canadian Council of Archives $1,093.84
11-26 Breakfast-lunch- Library and Archives Canada hosted the Canadian National Digital Preservation Initiative meeting $329.40
  Total: $8,597.40