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Canada and the Cold War: The Gouzenko Affair (Series: Evidence Web)
Descriptive Record for Educational Resource No. 48
History | Language Arts | Social Studies | Information Studies
Canada; History
Grade Level:
Grades 9-12 | Secondary I-V (Quebec) | Senior 1-4 (Manitoba)
Type of Learning Resource:
Comprehensive Teaching Strategy
During the 7 lessons, students will learn about the significance of the Gouzenko affair in Cold War history. The major source will be on-line primary documents from Library and Archives of Canada. The culminating activity of the study will be the creation of an anthology of students’ research essays in booklet form and/or a special website.
560 to 620 minutes.
Author of Resource:
Gordon W. Sly
English; French
Curriculum Connections:
Alberta: Perspectives on Nationalism and Nationalism in Canada and The World: Grade 11
Alberta: Perspectives on Citizenship and Engaging in Citizenship: Grade 12
British Columbia: Canada and the World: Grade 12
British Columbia: Canada in the Twentieth Century: Grade 11
Manitoba: Canada and the Contemporary World: Senior 1
Manitoba: Canada: A Social and Political History: Senior 3
Manitoba: World Issues: Senior 4
New Brunswick: World Issues: Grade 12
New Brunswick: Canadian History: Grade 12
New Brunswick: Modern History: Grade 11
Newfoundland and Labrabor: World History: Grade 12
Newfoundland and Labrabor: Global Issues: Grade 12
Northwest Territories: The Growth of the Global Perspective: Grade 11
Nova Scotia: Modern History: Grade 11
Nova Scotia: Canadian History: Grade 11
Nova Scotia: Global History: Grade 12
Nunavut: The Growth of the Global Perspective: Grade 11
Ontario: Twentieth Century History: Grade 11
Ontario: World History: The West And the World: Grade 12
Prince Edward Island: Canadian Studies: Canada in a North American perspective and P.E.I.: Grade 12
Prince Edward Island: Social Studies: Grade 11
Prince Edward Island: World History: Modern World Survey: Grade 11
Quebec: Present-day history: The Twentieth Century: CÉGEP
Quebec: Canadian History: CÉGEP
Quebec: The Twentieth Century; History and Civilizations: Secondary V
Quebec: World History: Secondary II
Quebec: History of international relations since 1914: CÉGEP
Saskatchewan: World Issues: Grade 11
Saskatchewan: Canadian Studies: Grade 12
Yukon: Canada in the Twentieth Century: Grade 11
Yukon: Canada and the World: Grade 12