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Progress Notes

These notes contain timely data and conclusions and are presented as a service to other wildlife biologists and agencies.

  • Number 219
    Canadian Breeding Bird Survey, 1967-2000, by Downes, C.M., and B.T. Collins

  • Number 218
    Loggerhead Shrike population trends in western Canada, by B. Johns, D. Collister, R. Bjorge, K. De Smet, W. Harris, E. Wiltse, and S. Barry

  • Number 217
    Standardizing and interpreting nesting records for Great Blue Herons in British Columbia, by Moul, I.E., R.G. Vennesland, and M.L. Harris and, R.W. Butler

  • Number 216
    Canadian Breeding Bird Survey, 1967-1998, by Dunn, E.H., C.M. Downes, and B.T. Collins

  • Number 214
    Migratory game birds harvested in Canada during the 1991, 1992, and 1993 hunting seasons, by Lévesque, H., and B. Collins

  • Number 213
    Incidence of lead shot in Canada Geese taken during the spring subsistence hunt on the eastern shore of James Bay, by Rodrigue, J., and A. Reed