Toronto from the Don River, 1855 by Mary Hastings

Love it or hate it, Toronto is wedged like a thorn into Canada's national psyche. From Muddy York to the modern mega-city, this is a provocative, entertaining series that explores three centuries of remarkable history: the immigrants stumbling in on hope; the heroes and sports stars carving their names on our hearts; the moral attitudes that jab at the place.

Director Lindalee Tracey breathes new life into the documentary form with a beautiful weave of stunning archival footage, dramatic re-enactments, music and interviews with known and unknown Torontonians, to celebrate the dreamers and schemers who made a city great and a nation envious.

Guest appearances by: Pierre Berton, Michael Burgess, Jackie Burroughs, June Callwood, David Crombie, John Fraser, Glenn Gould, Norman Jewison, Mel Lastman, Johnny Lombardi, "Honest" Ed Mirvish, Eric Peterson, Gordon Pinsent, Ted Rogers, Veronica Tennant.

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