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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.12  Wreckage and Impact Information

This section describes the wreckage recovery process and methods, as well as the condition of the recovered pieces. (STI1-60 (video clip)) In some instances, interpretations of the significance of the condition of recovered pieces are made.

1.12.1 Wreckage Recovery
1.12.2 Aircraft Wreckage Examination
1.12.3 Examination of Recovered Electrical Wires and Components
1.12.4 Examination of Flight Crew Reading Lights (Map Lights)
1.12.5 Examination of Cabin Overhead Aisle and Emergency Light Assemblies
1.12.6 Examination of Standby Instruments
1.12.7 Examination of Flight Controls
1.12.8 Examination of Fuel System Components
1.12.9 Examination of the Engines
1.12.10 Examination of Aircraft Structural Components
1.12.11 Examination of Flight Crew and Passenger Seats
1.12.12 Aircraft Attitude and Airspeed at the Time of Impact

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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