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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.14  Fire (STI1-89)

This section describes the aviation standards in place at the time of the SR 111 occurrence with respect to flammability, fire detection and suppression, and firefighting. It also describes the nature of the fire and heat damage, as well as potential ignition sources and fuel sources.

1.14.1 Aircraft Certification Standards
1.14.2 Review of In-Flight Fire Accident Data
1.14.3 Designated Fire Zones and Smoke/Fire Detection and Suppression
1.14.4 Time Required to Troubleshoot in Odour/Smoke Situations
1.14.5 Risk of Remaining Airborne – Emergency Landing
1.14.6 Integrated Firefighting Measures
1.14.7 Airflow Patterns
1.14.8 Describing the SR 111 Fire-Damaged Area
1.14.9 Determination of Heat Damage
1.14.10 Assessment of Fire Damage
1.14.11 Potential Ignition Sources
1.14.12 Fire Propagating Materials
1.14.13 Potential Increased Fire Risk from Non-fire-hardened Aircraft Systems

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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