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SR 111 Investigation Report

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1.16  Tests and Research (STI1-98)

This section describes the various testing methods used, and inspections and research conducted, during the SR 111 investigation, as well as the results of these activities. It also presents statistics from other occurrences involving smoke or fire.

1.16.1 AES Examination of the Recovered Arced Beads
1.16.2 Map Light Testing and Research
1.16.3 Airflow Flight Tests
1.16.4 Analysis of Cockpit Sounds Recorded on the CVR
1.16.5 Simulator Trials
1.16.6 Theoretical Emergency Descent Calculations
1.16.7 Statistics for Occurrences Involving Smoke or Fire
1.16.8 Electrical Ignition Tests of MPET-Covered Insulation Blankets
1.16.9 Computer Fire Modelling

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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