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SR 111 Investigation Report

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4.3.5  Standby Instrumentation

The Board recognizes that TC has committed to reviewing the requirements for standby instrumentation, including related issues such as standby communication and navigation capabilities. TC has indicated that the appropriate approach would be to address these issues in harmony with the FAA and the JAA, and that this objective could be achieved through current and future ARAC activities. The Board remains concerned with the lack of substantive progress in mitigating the risks identified in the TSB ASA A010042-1 (issued 28 September 2001) and encourages TC to work with the FAA and the JAA to expedite the required safety action.

TC indicated that during the certification process, the suitability of the standby instrumentation display(s) and placement are evaluated. TC also indicated that the installation of digital integrated standby instrument systems appears to improve the displayed information. The Board believes that standby instruments should be in a standard grouping layout similar to the primary flight instruments, and that the instruments should be positioned in the normal line of vision of the flight crew. The Board encourages TC to coordinate with the FAA and the JAA to address this issue without further delay.

The Board notes that TC is reviewing training scenarios developed by airline operators. The Board believes that TC should ensure that realistic training scenarios, involving the use of standby instruments, are incorporated in training programs, and that the scenarios include complicating factors, such as loss of additional systems, wearing of oxygen masks and goggles, and smoke in the cockpit.

The Board remains concerned that regulations do not require that standby instruments are capable of remaining powered by an independent power supply that is separate from the aircraft electrical system and battery. The Board believes that with current technology, providing independent standby instrumentation for secondary navigation and communication is feasible. The Board encourages TC to coordinate with the FAA and the JAA to address this issue without further delay.

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Updated: 2003-03-27

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