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Acid Rain Still Plaguing Lakes and Loons
Acid Rain Still Plaguing Lakes and Loons photo A steady decline in the breeding success of loons over the past decade and the results of ongoing monitoring indicate lakes continue to suffer from the effects of acid rain.

Breaking the Ice About Sassats
Breaking The Ice About Sassats photo In the spring of 1999, a University of Sask atchewan biologist tracking polar bears on Lancaster Sound, north of Baffin Island, discovered a group of more than two dozen bears gathered around a cluster of swimming pool-sized air holes in the solid sea ice.

Maps Link Atmosphere and Biodiversity
Maps Link Atmosphere and Biodiversity photo The atmosphere has a powerful influence on the biological world affecting everything from the kinds of plants and animals that can live in certain regions to the economic activities we undertake in these landscapes.

Wildlife Tracking Technologies
Wildlife Tracking Technologies photo In 1997-1998, biologists discovered 5000 dead Swainson’s hawks at roosting sites in southern Argentina - nine of them wearing leg bands that originated in western Canada.

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