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National Executive

Coco Lefoka

Coco Lefoka
Coco Lefoka
President, British Columbia

Letlotlo Coco Lefoka was born in Maseru, the capital of the Kingdom of Lesotho, a small, landlocked constitutional monarchy found in the middle of South Africa. Much like his alleged "girlfriend," critics question the actual existence of this supposed country.

Coco moved to Vancouver at the age 18 to enroll at the University of British Columbia (UBC) where he is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

President of the YLCBC since 2004, Coco first joined the Party in 2003 as a volunteer on the Paul Martin Leadership campaign.

Coco dedicates himself to a number of causes that focus on protecting and improving the well being of Canadians and all people of the world. In his time as VP Policy and now President, Coco has advocated for same sex marriage rights, AIDS relief in Africa, and Canadian action on the Darfur Genocide. He also strongly opposed Canadian participation in the Missile Defence Program.

Coco speaks intermediate French, and Sesotho the mother tongue of 3.1 million people world wide, regarded as one of the most phonetically complicated languages in the world. Thought not yet a Canadian citizen, Coco plans to immigrate to Canada in the near future.

Coco is currently working on a strategy to have Rona Ambrose and Helena Guergis cross the floor!
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