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James Brady, Wil Campbell ProductionJames Patrick Brady (1908-1967) James, better known as "Jim" Brady, was born in St. Paul, Alberta on March 11, 1908. With a strong concerned for his people; Brady was destined to become a political activist. Along with Norris, Brady became involved with the Metis in the Edmonton area where they went on to form the big five and start up the Metis Association of Alberta. Like Norris, Brady also entered the war and came back to join the CCF in Saskatchewan. The workload was too much for Brady to handle so he went on to a life as a prospector in the Northern woods, where he continued to support the rights of the Metis. In 1964 he formed a new Metis Association in La Ronge. Brady, much like Norris, ran into a misfortune when he went missing in 1967 and was never found.


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