List of works
Consumers of Torture
"I Love"
Not Nice To Stare
Mummy Worked Hard
Accident Prevention in the Home
Quarantine and Isolation
Entering the Windpipe
Diet For Good Vision
X-Ray, Figure # 15
The Motor Skill, Figure # 10
Human Gustation, Figure # 12

"I Love", 1995

The Motor Skill, Figure # 10,
Mummy Worked Hard, 1996

Inheritance, 1995

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Specialized Honors, Fine Art, University of Guelph, Ontario.

Solo Exhibitions: 1996 Upper Canada Brewing Company, Toronto, Ontario.
1995 Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, Ontario.
1994 Hamilton Studio & Gallery Walking tour, Hamilton, Ontario.

Group Exhibitions: 1996 Ceiling Mural, Carpe Diem Music Inc., Toronto, Ontario.
1995 Exhibition facilitator/organizer of the Red October Exhibition Fundraisers for the Hamilton AIDS Network.
1995 Album Cover for Cover Artwork & CD Imagery: Warner Record, Bob Wiseman, "Accidentally Aquired Beliefs".

Grants and Awards: 1994-1996 Ontario Arts Council: Exhibition Assistance grant.
1995 Umberto Ricci Art Foundation: Atists Development Award.
1990 University of Guelph, Juried Exhibition: First Prize Sculpture Award.