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Form 30A, 1919-1924 (Ocean Arrivals)

Immigration Form 30A, Ocean Arrivals, 1919-1924 (RG 76 C1j): List of Microfilm Reel Numbers

These microfilm reels have been digitized and are now available ARCHIVED - online.

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Microfilm Surnames

- A -

T-14939 Aagard, Bjarre to Adams, Julua
Surname groupings: Aagard, Aa, Ab, Abbott, Ab, Abraham, Ab, Ac, Abbott, Ad, Adam, Adams
T-14940 Adams, Kate to Aizenberg, Fenta
Surname groupings: Adams, Ad, Adamson, Ad, Ae-Af interfiled, Ag, Ah, Ai, Ainsworth, Ai-Aj-Ak interfiled, Aizenberg
T-14941 Aitken, Amy to Allan, Agnes
Surname groupings: Aitken, Aitkin, Al, Alexander, Al, Allan
T-14942 Allan, Alexander to Aly, Mohamad Kaddoura
Surname groupings: Allan, Allen, Al, Allison, Al, Aly
T-14943 Alzinger Nicolas Victor to Anderson, John
Surname groupings: Alzinger, Al, Am, Ambrose, Am, An, Andersen, Anderson
T-14944 Anderson, John to Angielczyk, Morris
Surname groupings: Anderson, An, Andersson, Andrew, Andrews, An, Angielczyk
T-14945 Andriet, Nicolai to Archibald, Archibald
Surname groupings: Andriet, An, Anglin, Angus, An, Ansell, An, Ap, Appleby, Appleton, Ar, Archambault, Archer, Ar, Archibald
T-14946 Arnott, Archibald to Aschenmühl, Moise
Surname groupings: Arnott, Archibald, Ar, Armitage, Armstrong, Ar, Arnold, Ar, Arnott, Aronson, Ar-Arrowsmith interfiled, Arsenault, Ar, Arthur, As, Aschenmühl
T-14947 Asada, Naosuke to Atkinson, Ronald
Surname groupings: Asada, As, Ashworth-As interfiled, Ashley, Ashton, As, Aston, At, Atherton, Atkins, Atkinson
T-14948 Atkinson, Samuel James to Bacon, James
Surname groupings: Atkinson, At, Au, Austin, Au, Av, Avery, Ax, Ay, Ayers-Ay interfiled, Ay, Ay-Az interfiled, Az, Azzopardi, Ba, Babcock, Ba, Bacon

- B -

T-14949 Bacon, Jeanette Margaret to Bakewell, William Y.
Surname groupings: Bacon, Ba, Bailey, Bain, Ba, Bakewell
T-14950 Bak, Zalom to Ballantyne, Henrietta Carrill
Surname groupings: Bak, Ba, Baird, Ba, Baker, Ba, Baldwin, Ba-Balfour interfiled, Ball, Ba-Ballard interfiled, Ballantine, Ballantyne
T-14951 Ballantyne, Hilda to Barber, Thomas Leslie
Surname groupings: Ballantyne, Ba, Banks, Ba, Bannerman, Bannister, Ba, Barber
T-14952 Barber, U. to Barr, Arthur George
Surname groupings: Barber, Ba, Barclay, Ba, Barker, Ba, Barlow, Barnard-Ba interfiled, Barnes, Ba, Barnett, Ba, Baron, Barr
T-14953 Barr, Barbara to Barton, Norman Hughes
Surname groupings: Barr, Ba, Barett, Barrie-Ba interfiled, Barron, Barrow-Ba interfiled, Barry, Ba, Bartlett, Ba, Barton
T-14954 Barton, Olive to Baxter, Julia
Surname groupings: Barton, Ba, Batchelor-Batchellor interfiled, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Batten-Battersby-Ba interfiled, Ba, Bauer-Bauerle interfiled, Ba, Baxter
T-14955 Baxter, Karl E. to Bechet, Eugene
Surname groupings: Baxter, Ba, Be, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Be, Beauchemin, Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaumont, Beaupré, Be, Bechet
T-14956 Bechro, Fehime to Bell, Godfrey
Surname groupings: Bechro, Be, Beck, Becker, Be, Bédard, Be, Bélanger, Be, Bell
T-14957 Bell, Gordon to Bending, William S.
Surname groupings: Bell, Be, Bending
T-14958 Bell, Kate to Bennett, Frank
Surname groupings: Bell, Be, Bennett
T-14959 Bennett, Frank to Bergson, Isaac
Surname groupings: Bennett, Ben, Benson, Ben, Bergson
T-14960 Bergmann, Jacob to Bett, Isabella Murray
Surname groupings: Bergmann, Bergman, Be, Bernard, Be, Bernier, Be, Bernstein, Berry, Be, Bertram-Be interfiled, Be, Bertrand, Be, Bessette, Bert, Be, Bett
T-14961 Bethon, James Edgar to Binder, Bluma
Surname groupings: Bethon, Be, Betts, Be, Bi, Biggs, Bi, Binder
T-14962 Binders, Benorion to Bjerre, M.
Surname groupings: Binder, Bi, Bingham, Bi, Birch, Bird, Bi, Bishop, Bi, Bisset-Bi interfiled, Bj, Binders
T-14963 Bjorn, Jene Magnus to Blakeman, Arthur
Surname groupings: Bjorn, Bj, Bl, Black, Bl, Blackwell-Blackwood interfiled, Bl, Blair, Blais, Bl, Blake, Bl, Blakeman
T-14964 Blakemore, Beatrice to Bochno, Dmytro
Surname groupings: Blakemore, Bl-Bland interfiled, Blanchard, Bl, Blyth, Bo, Bochno
T-14965 Bocla, Dumitrio to Bone, Samuel
Surname groupings: Bocla, Bo, Bolton, Bo, Bond, Bo, Bone
T-14966 Bonis, Samuel to Bosnic, Mila
Surname groupings: Bonis, Bo-Bonner interfiled, Bo, Boone, Booth, Bo, Bosnic
T-14967 Bosovska, Mindel to Bowman, Elizabeth Montgomery
Surname groupings: Bosovska, Bo, Boswell-Bosworth-Bo interfiled, Bo, Bouchard, Boucher, Bo, Bourne, Bo, Bowden, Bowen, Bo-Bower interfiled, Bowers, Bo, Bowler, Bowman
T-14968 Bowman, Ellen to Bradley, Austin W.
Surname groupings: Bowman, Bo, Boyce, Boyd, Bo, Boyle, Bo, Br, Bradley
T-14969 Bradley, Beatrice to Brazzier, George Thomas
Surname groupings: Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Br, Brand-Branch-Br interfiled, Braun-Br interfiled, Br, Brazzier
T-14970 Brayley, Harold to Briggs, Alice
Surname groupings: Brayley, Br, Bray, Br, Bremner-Br interfiled, Brennan, Br, Br-Brewer interfiled, Br, Brewster,Br-Bridge interfiled, Br, Brierley, Briggs
T-14971 Briggs, Alice Maud to Brookes, Winifred
Surname groupings: Briggs, Bright, Br, Brock, Br, Brodie, Br, Brooke, Brookes
T-14972 Brooks, A. W. to Brown, Elizabeth Wilson
Surname groupings: Brooks, Br-Broom interfiled, Br, Brousseau, Brown
T-14973 Brown, Price F. to Brown, Walter Oscar
Surname groupings: Brown
T-14974 Brown, William to Bryunas Pranas
Surname groupings: Brown, Browne-Br interfiled, Br, Browning, Brownlee, Br, Bruce, Br, Bryan, Bryans, Bryant, Br, Bryunas
T-14975 Brymner, R. T. to Bullen, Gladys Lilian
Surname groupings: Brymner, Br, Bryce, Bryson, Bu, Buchan, Buchanan, Bu, Buck, Bu, Buckingham, Buckley, Bu, Bull, Bu, Bullen
T-14976 Bulley, Harry Albert to Burman, Gustav Birger
Surname groupings: Bulley, Bu-Bulloc interfiled, Burgess, Bu, Burke, Bu, Burman
T-14977 Burling, Helen to Bush, Rose Hannah
Surname groupings: Burling, Bu, Burn, Burnet, Burnett, Bu, Burns, Bu, Burrows, Bu, Burton, Bu, Bush
T-14978 Bush, Sadie Evelyn to Byrtus, Jozef
Surname groupings: Bush, Bu, Butcher, Butler, Bu, Butterworth, Bu, By, Byers, Byrne, By, Byrtus
T-14979 Byszkiewicz, Katarzyna to Calway, William Roland
Surname groupings: Byszkiewicz, By, Ca, Cairns, Ca, Calder, Calderwood, Caldwell, Ca, Callaghan, Ca, Calway

- C -

T-14980 Camarta, Agostino to Campbell, James
Surname groupings: Camarta, Ca, Cameron, Ca, Campbell
T-14981 Campbell, James to Capon, Sydney
Surname groupings: Campbell, Ca-Campion interfiled, Ca-Candy interfiled, Ca-Canning interfiled, Cannon, Ca-Cant interfiled, Ca, Capon
T-14982 Capodagli, Temistocle to Carrier, Evelyn May
Surname groupings: Capodagli, Ca, Carey, Ca-Carlson interfiled, Carmichael, Ca, Carpenter, Carr, Ca, Carrier
T-14983 Carrick, Florence to Casper, Fredereck
Surname groupings: Carrick, Ca, Carroll, Ca, Carson, Carter, Ca, Cartwright, Ca, Casey, Ca, Casper
T-14984 Caspersen, Henrik to Cesal, Zdenka
Surname groupings: Caspersen, Ca, Cassidy, Ca, Ce, Cesal
T-14985 Chacksfield, A. to Charlebois, Eva
Surname groupings: Chacksfield, Ch, Chadwick, Ch, Chalmers, Ch, Chamberlain, Chambers, Ch, Champion, Ch, Chandler, Ch, Chapman, Ch, Charlebois
T-14986 Charles, Fannie to Chinnock, Walter George
Surname groupings: Charles, Ch, Chard, Ch, Charlton, Ch, Child-Childs-Ch interfiled, Ch, Chinnock
T-14987 Chipman, Warwick Fielding to Churchill, Zachius
Surname groupings: Chipman, Ch, Chisholm, Ch, Christensen, Ch-Christian interfiled, Ch, Christie, Ch, Churchill
T-14988 Ciancone, Alessio to Clark, Sylvia
Surname groupings: Ciancon, Ci, Cl, Clark
T-14989 Clark, Thomas to Clemas, Winifred
Surname groupings: Clark, Clarke, Cl-Clarkson interfiled, Cl, Clay, Claydon, Clayton, Cl, Clemas
T-14990 Cleman, Yvonne to Cocking, Gwendoline
Surname groupings: Cleman, Clegg, Cl, Clements, Cl, Cliff, Clifford, Cl, Cloutier, Cl, Co, Coates, Co, Cobb, Coburn, Co, Cocking
T-14991 Cockton, Harold to Coles, Edward Samuel
Surname groupings: Cockton, Co, Cochrane, Co, Cohen, Co, Cole, Coleman, Co, Coles
T-14992 Coles, Edwin Albert to Compagnon, Xavier
Surname groupings: Coles, Collet-Collett-Collette interfiled, Colley, Co, Collier, Collie, Collingwood, Collins, Collinson, Collis-Colliss interfiled, Co, Compagnon
T-14993 Compton, Ada to Cook, Ivy Violet
Surname groupings: Compton, Co, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Co, Conroy, Co, Conway, Co, Cook
T-14994 Cook, J. F. to Cope, Winifred Mary
Surname groupings: Cook, Cooke, Cookson, Co, Cooper, Co, Cope
T-14995 Copple, A. to Costana, Zoi
Surname groupings: Copple, Co, Copeland, Co, Cormier, Cornelius, Co, Costana
T-14996 Costello, Agnes to Cowie, Eveline Marry
Surname groupings: Costello, Co, Coté, Co, Couture, Cowan, Co, Cowie
T-14997 Cowell, Florence to Crandall, Stephen Harry
Surname groupings: Cowell, Co, Cox, Co, Coyle, Cr, Craig, Cr, Crandall
T-14998 Cramp, Vernon to Crispin, Muriel Gladys
Surname groupings: Cramp, Crane, Cr, Crawford, Cr, Creighton, Cresswell-Cr interfiled, Crichton, Cr, Crispin
T-14999 Cristopoli, Nella to Crutcher, Isabella Park
Surname groupings: Cristopoli, Cr, Crook, Crooks, Cr, Crosbie, Cross, Cr, Crowe, Crowley, Cr, Crutcher
T-15000 Crusham, James E. to Cunningham, Rose
Surname groupings: Crusham, Cr, Cruickshank, Cr, Cu, Cumming, Cummings, Cummin, Cu, Cunningham
T-15001 Cunningham, Samuel to Czaczkes, Zygmunt
Surname groupings: Cunningham, Cu, Curran, Cu, Currie, Curry, Curtis, Cu, Cv, Cu-Cw-Cx-Cy-Cz interfiled, Czaczkes

- D -

T-15002 D'Achille, Adolfo to Daneliuk, Katerina
Surname groupings: D'Achille, Da, Dale, Da, Daly, Da, Daneliuk
T-15003 Danforth, Leola Frances to Davidson, Jessie
Surname groupings: Danforth, Da, Daniel, Daniels, Da, Dann-Da interfiled, Da, Davenport, Davey, David, Davidson
T-15004 Davidson, Jessie to Davis, Isabella French Smith
Surname groupings: Davidson, Davie, Davies, Davis
T-15005 Davis, Henry to De Busschere, Zoe
Surname groupings: Davis, Davison, Davy, Da, Dawson, Day, Da, De A, De B, De Busschere
T-15006 De Clercq, Achilla to De Wit, Zweitse
Surname groupings: De Clerq, De C-De D interfiled, De F, De G, De H-De I interfiled, De J, De K, De L, De M, De N-De O interfiled, De P-De Q interfiled, De R, De S, De T-De V interfiled, De W-De Z interfiled, De Wit
T-15007 Deakin, Agnes to Delves, William George
Surname groupings: Deakin, De, Dean, Deane, Deans, De, Decker-Deckers interfiled, De, Delaney, De, Delves
T-15008 Demirdjian, Adria to Deviney, Gladys
Surname groupings: Demirdjian, De, Dempster-De-Dempsey interfiled, De, Dennis, De, Deviney
T-15009 Devine, Harry T. to Dickson, Fredrick J.
Surname groupings: Devine, De, Devlin, De, Dewar, De, Dh, Di, Dick, Dickens, Di, Dickinson, Di, Dickson
T-15010 Dickson, Mrs. G. to Dlugary, Zudik
Surname groupings: Dickson, Di, Dillon, Di, Di-Dj-Dl-Dm interfiled, Dlugary
T-15011 Dixon, A. St. John to Domaille, Nora
Surname groupings: Dixon, Do, Dobson, Do, Docherty-Do interfiled, Dodd, Dodds, Do, Doherty, Do-Dolan interfiled, Do, Domaille
T-15012 Domenico, Papeto to Doughty, Robert
Surname groupings: Domenico, Do, Donald, Donaldson, Do, Donnelly, Do, Donovan, Do, Doughty
T-15013 Dougher, Sadie to Drabble, Violet
Surname groupings: Dougher, Douglas, Do, Dow, Do, Down-Downey-Downer interfiled, Downes, Downing-Downie-Do interfiled, Do, Doyle, Dr, Drabble
T-15014 Draycott, Walter to Dueck, Hedwig
Surname groupings: Draycott, Dr, Drake, Dr, Draper, Dr, Dr-Drew interfiled, Dr, Drummond, Drury, Drysdale, Du, Dubeau, Dubois, Du, Dueck
T-15015 Duffus, Helen to Dunlap, Ruth Iva
Surname groupings: Duffus, Du, Duff, Duffy, Du, Duggan-Duguid-Dugdale-Du interfiled, Du, Dunbar, Duncan, Du, Dunlap
T-15016 Dunlop, Sadie to Dyer, Leslie
Surname groupings: Dunlop, Du, Dunn, Dunning-Dunnet-Dunne interfiled, Du, Durrant, Du, Du-Dr-Dv interfiled, Dw, Dwyer, Dyck-Dy interfiled, Dy, Dyer
T-15017 Dyer, Lilian May to Ediger, Wladimir
Surname groupings: Dyer, Dy-Dz interfiled, Dykes, Dyson, Ea, Earl, Ea-Easton interfiled, Eastman, Eastwood, Ea, Eaton, Eb, Ec, Ed, Eden-Ed interfiled, Ed, Ediger

- E -

T-15018 Edgar, Ada Mary to Ekstrom, Gustaf Georg
Surname groupings: Edgar, Ed, Edmonds-Edmondson interfiled, Edmunds-Edmundson interfiled, Edwards, Ee-Ef-Eg-Ei interfiled, Egan, Eg, Eh, Ei, Ej, Ei-Ej-Ek interfiled, Ekstrom
T-15019 Ekengren, Helge to Eloranta, Otto
Surname groupings: Ekengren, Ei-Ej-Ek interfiled, El, Elder, Eldred-Eldrett-Eldrud interfiled, Eldridge, El, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison-El interfiled, El, Eloranta
T-15020 Eloquin, Paul to Eriksen Alfhital
Surname groupings: Eloquin, El, Em, Emerson, Em, En, England-En interfiled, Enns-Ennis-En interfiled, English, En-Ep interfiled, En-Ep interfiled, Epstein, Er, Erickson, Er, Eriksen
T-15021 Erman, Abram to Evans, Owen Elias
Surname groupings: Erman, Er, Erikson-Eriksson-Eriksen-Er interfiled, Er, Erskine, Er, Es, Essex, Es, Et, Ev, Evans
T-15022 Evans, Patricia to Falkner, Muriel Joy
Surname groupings: Evans, Ev, Everett, Ev, Ew, Ewen, Ewing, Ex-Ey-Ez interfiled, Fa, Fair, Fairbanks, Fa, Fair, Fairley, Fa, Falkner

- F -

T-15023 Falcioni, Nazzareno to Fawdry, Lydia
Surname groupings: Falcioni, Fa, Falconer, Fa, Farley-Farlow-Fa interfiled, Fa, Farmer, Farquhar-Farquharson interfiled, Fa, Farrell, Fa, Farrington, Fa, Faulkner, Fa, Fawdry
T-15024 Fawcett, Margaret Jane to Ferguson, Jane
Surname groupings: Fawcett, Fa, Fe, Fe-Feldman interfiled, Fe-Fell interfiled, Fellowes, Fellows, Fe, Fenwick-Fe interfiled, Fenton, Fe, Ferguson
T-15025 Ferguson, Janet to Findlay, Isabella W.
Surname groupings: Ferguson, Fergusson, Fe, Fernandez, Fe, Ferrari, Ferris, Fe, Fi, Field, Fields, Fi, Fielding, Fi, Finch, Findlay
T-15026 Findlay, Jack to Fitch, K. B.
Surname groupings: Findlay, Fi, Finkelstein-Fi interfiled, Fi, Finlay, Finlayson, Finon-Fi interfiled, Fi, Firth, Fi, Fischer, Fish-Fi interfiled, Fisher, Fi, Fitch
T-15027 Fitt, Lancelot R. to Fliegel, Ruth
Surname groupings: Fitt, Fi, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzherbert, Fitzmaurice, Fitzpatrick, Fi-Fitzsimons-Fitzsimmons interfiled, Fj, Fl, Flanagan, Flannigan-Flanigan-Fi interfiled, Fl, Fleming, Flett-Fleury-Fl interfiled, Fletcher, Fl, Fliegel
T-15028 Fligel, Sholim to Ford, William
Surname groupings: Fligel, Fl, Flynn, Fo, Foley, Fo, Foot-Foote-Fo interfiled, Fo, Forbes, Ford
T-15029 Ford, William Albert to Foster, Muriel Bernice
Surname groupings: Ford, Fo, Forrest, Forster-Fo interfiled, Forsyth, Fo, Foster
T-15030 Foster, Nan to Frank, Barbara
Surname groupings: Foster, Fo, Fowler, Fox, Fo, Fr, Frame-Frampton-Fo interfiled, Fr, Francis, Frank
T-15031 Frank, Carl to Frejdman, Sura
Surname groupings: Frank, Fr, Franklin, Franks, Fr, Fraser, Fr, Freeman, Freemantle, Fr, Frejdman
T-15032 Freimuth, Wilhelm to Frymet, Zysser
Surname groupings: Freimuth, French, Fr, Freidman-Fr interfiled, Friend-Frier-Fr interfiled, Friesen, Fr, Frost, Fr, Fry, Fryer-Fr interfiled, Fu, Frymet
T-15033 Fukuda, Asa to Galandij, Wasyl
Surname groupings: Fukuda, Fu, Fuller, Fullerton, Fulton, Fu, Fu-Fy interfiled, Ga, Gagnon, Ga, Galandij

- G -

T-15034 Galbraith, Aggie to Gardiner, Peter
Surname groupings: Galbraith, Gale, Ga, Gallagher, Ga, Galloway-Ga interfiled, Ga, Gamble, Ga, Garden-Garder interfiled, Gardiner
T-15035 Gardiner, Rachel to Gaunt, Lydia
Surname groupings: Gardiner, Gardner, Ga, Garland-Garlick interfiled, Garner, Ga, Garrett-Grarratt-Ga interfiled, Ga, Garvie-Garvey-Garwood-Ga interfiled, Ga, Gaunt
T-15036 Gauthier, J. M. to Gerigt T. George
Surname groupings: Gauthier, Ga, Ge, Gear-Geary-Ga interfiled, Ga, George, Georges, Ga, Gerigt
T-15037 Gerhardi, Victor to Gibson, Julia L.
Surname groupings: Gerhardi, Ge, Germain-Ge interfiled, Ge, Gh, Gi, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson
T-15038 Gibson, Kathleen G. to Gillett, Earnest G.
Surname groupings: Gibson, Gi, Gilbert, Gi-Gilchrist interfiled, Gi, Giles, Gill, Gi, Gillespie, Gi, Gillett
T-15039 Gillett, Florence to Gleaves-Doyle, Freda
Surname groupings: Gillett, Gi, Gilmour, Gi, Gl, Glass, Gl, Gleaves-Doyle
T-15040 Gleboff, G. A. to Goldenberg, Tysia
Surname groupings: Gleboff, Gl, Glen, Gl, Glover, Gl, Go, Gold-Go interfiled, Goldenberg, Goddard, Go, Godfrey, Godwin,Go, Goldberg, Golden-Goldenberg-Go interfiled, Goldenberg
T-15041 Goldenberg, Ucher to Goodwin, Winifred
Surname groupings: Goldenberg, Goldenberg-Golder interfiled, Go, Goldman, Go, Goldsmith, Goldstein, Go, Gonzales-Gonzalez interfiled, Go, Goodall, Go, Goodman, Go, Goodwin
T-15042 Gorbatow, Awrum to Gout, May
Surname groupings: Gorbatow, Go, Gordon, Go, Gorman, Go, Gould, Go, Gout
T-15043 Goutz, Moishe to Grant, Duncan Campbell
Surname groupings: Goutz, Go, Gr, Gr-Grace interfiled, Gr, Graham, Grahame, Grainger, Gr, Grant
T-15044 Grant, E. C. to Gray, Winnie
Surname groupings: Grant, Gr, Graves, Gray
T-15045 Greaves, Ada to Greer, Archibald
Surname groupings: Greaves, Gr, Green, Gr, Greenberg, Greene, Gr, Greenwood, Greer
T-15046 Greer, Cecil to Griffiths, Sidney
Surname groupings: Greer, Gr, Gregory, Gr, Greig, Gr, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths
T-15047 Griffiths, Stanley to Grycan, Zofja
Surname groupings: Griffiths, Gr, Gross, Gr, Grossman, Gr, Grove-Groves-Grover-Gr interfiled, Gr, Grycan
T-15048 Gualazza, Adolfo to Gyolaji, Anton
Surname groupings: Gualazza, Gu, Guest, Gunn, Gu, Guthrie, Gu, Guy, Gw, Gy, Gyolaji
T-15049 Gvora, Antonin to Hakansson, Sven Johan
Surname groupings: Gvora, Gu-Gw-Gy interfiled, Ha, Hackett, Ha, Hagen, Ha, Haigh, Ha, Haines, Ha, Hakansson

- H -

T-15049 Gvora, Antonin to Hakansson, Sven Johan
Surname groupings: Gvora, Gu-Gw-Gy interfiled, Ha, Hackett, Ha, Hagen, Ha, Haigh, Ha, Haines, Ha, Hakansson
T-15050 Hakkinen, Tilda to Halliday, Ophelia
Surname groupings: Hakkinen, Ha, Hale, Ha, Hall, Ha, Halliday
T-15051 Halliday, Peter to Hammond, Julia
Surname groupings: Halliday, Ha, Hamer-Hamill-Ha interfiled, Hamilton, Ha, Hammer, Hammond
T-15052 Hammond, Kathleen to Hansen, Yorgen C.
Surname groupings: Hammond, Hampson-Hampton-Ha interfiled, Ha-Hancock interfiled, Ha, Ha-Hanlon interfiled, Hann-Hanna-Ha interfiled, Ha, Hansen
T-15053 Hanson, Agnes Mary to Harmanmaa, Kustaa Wihtori
Surname groupings: Hanson, Hansson, Ha, Harden-Harder interfiled, Ha, Hardie, Harding, Hardman, Ha, Hardwick, Hardy, Ha, Hargreaves, Ha, Harmanmaa
T-15054 Harmon, Leo to Harrison, Frederick William
Surname groupings: Harmon, Harman-Ha interfiled, Harper, Ha, Harrington, Harris, Harrison
T-15055 Harrison, G. F. to Harvey, Lucy Helen
Surname groupings: Harrison, Ha, Hart, Ha, Hartley-Ha interfiled, Hartmann, Ha, Harvey
T-15056 Harvey, Mary Florence to Hawthorn, Winifred Joan
Surname groupings: Harvey, Ha, Hastings, Ha, Hatton, Ha, Hawkins, Ha, Hawthorn
T-15057 Haworth, Ada to Healy, Kate
Surname groupings: Haworth, Hawson, Hay, Ha, Hayes, Ha, Haynes, Ha, Hayward, Ha, Head-He interfiled, Heal, Healey, Healy
T-15058 Healy, Laurence to Helle, Peter
Surname groupings: Healy, Healy-Healey interfiled, He, Hearn, Heath, He, Hecht, He, Helle
T-15059 Heller, Ronald to Henry, Minnie
Surname groupings: Heller, He, Henderson, Hendrie-Hendry-He interfiled, He, Hennesy-Hennesey-He interfiled, He, Henry
T-15060 Henry, Norman to Hewitt, Monica
Surname groupings: Henry, He, Hepburn-Hepworth-He interfiled, Herbert-He interfiled, He-Heid interfiled, He, Herman, He, Hetherington-He interfiled, He, Hewett-Hewitt interfiled, Hewett
T-15061 Hewitt, Pearl to Hill, Dykers Campbell
Surname groupings: Hewitt, Hewlett, Hewson-He interfiled, He, Heyward-He interfiled, Hi, Hickman-Hickson-Hi interfiled,Hicks, Hi, Higgins, Higginson, Higgs, Hi, Hill
T-15062 Hill, E. B. to Hislop, Cornelius
Surname groupings: Hill, Hi, Hills, Hi, Hilton, Hi, Hislop
T-15063 Hisanaga, Daisaburo to Hoff, Mikal
Surname groupings: Hisanaga, Hi, Hj-Hl-Hm-Hn interfiled, Ho-Hoare interfiled, Ho, Hobbs, Hobson, Ho, Hodge, Hodges, Ho, Hodgkins, Hodgkinson, Hodgson, Ho, Hoff
T-15064 Hoff, Peter to Holm, Axel
Surname groupings: Hoff, Ho, Hoffman, Hoffmann, Ho, Hogan, Hogarth, Ho, Hogg, Ho, Holbrook, Ho, Holden, Holder, Ho, Holland, Ho, Holliday, Ho, Holloway-Ho interfiled, Holm-Ho interfiled, Holm
T-15065 Holm, Bjarne to Hooper, Winifred, Margaret
Surname groupings: Holm, Ho, Holmes, Ho, Holt, Ho, Home, Ho, Hood, Ho, Hooper
T-15066 Hooydonk, A. to Hothersall, Elizabeth
Surname groupings: Hooydonk, Ho, Hope, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Ho, Horn, Ho, Horne, Horner, Ho, Horton, Ho, Hosking, Hoskins, Ho, Hothersall
T-15067 Hotson, Frederick to Howson, William John
Surname groupings: Hotson, Ho, Hough, Houghton, Ho, Ho-House interfiled, Ho, Houston, Ho, Howard, Howarth, Howe, Howells-Ho interfiled, Howell, Howes, Ho-Howlett-Howitt interfiled, Howie, Ho, Ho-Howson interfiled, Howson
T-15068 Hoyle, Ada to Hughes, William
Surname groupings: Hoyle, Ho, Hr, Hu, Hudson, Hu, Hughes
T-15069 Hughes, William to Hunter, Muriel
Surname groupings: Hughes, Hughson, Hu, Hull, Hu, Humphries-Hu interfiled, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hu, Hunt, Hunter
T-15070 Hunter, Nellie to Huziuk, Paraskewan
Surname groupings: Hunter, Hu-Hunter interfiled, Hu, Hurley, Hu, Hurst, Hu, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hu-Hv-Hy interfiled, Huziuk
T-15071 Huxley, Patricia to Inman, Ivy Mary
Surname groupings: Huxley, Hu-Hv-Hy interfiled, Hyde, Hy, Ia-Ib-Ic interfiled, Id-Ie-If-Ig-Ih-Ij-Ik interfiled, Il, Im, In, Ingham, Inglis, In, Ingram, In, Inman

- I -

T-15072 Innerst, Jacob Stuart to Ivens, Grace Mabel
Surname groupings: Innerst, In, Innes, In-Io interfiled, Ir, Ireland, Ir, Irvine, Irving, Irwin, Is, It, Iv-Iw-Iy-Iz interfiled, Ivens
T-15073 Izukawa, Hei-Ichi to Jacobs, Phyllis
Surname groupings: Izukawa, Iv-Iw-Ix-Iz interfiled, Ja, Jack, Jackson, Ja-Jacobs interfiled, Jacobs

- J -

T-15074 Jacobs, Richard Henry to Jantsen Iwan
Surname groupings: Jacobs, Ja, Ja-Jacobs interfiled, Jacobsen, Ja, Jacques, Ja, James, Jameson, Ja, Jamieson, Jamison, Ja, Jantsen
T-15075 Janzen, Jakob to Jenner, Kathleen Emily
Surname groupings: Janzen, Janzen-Jansen-Ja interfiled, Ja, Jardine, Jarman, Ja, Jarvis, Ja, Je, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Je, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Je, Jenner
T-15076 Jennet, Leon to Johansson, Mathilda Linnea
Surname groupings: Jennet, Je, Jennings, Je, Jensen, Je, Ji, Jo, Johansen, Johanson-Johansson-Jo interfiled, Johansson
T-15077 Johannesen, Nils to Johnston, Iza
Surname groupings: Johannesen, Johanson-Johansson-Jo interfiled, Jo, Johns, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnsson, Johnston
T-15078 Johnston, J. G. to Jones, Ellen Mary
Surname groupings: Johnston, Johnstone, Jo, Jones
T-15079 Jones, Ellen Rose to Jones, William Arthur
Surname groupings: Jones
T-15080 Jones, William Aubery to Jzbinska, Dwoira
Surname groupings: Jones, Jonsson, Jo, Jorgensen-Jo interfiled, Jordan, Jo, Joseph, Jo, Joyce, Ju, Jzbinska
T-15081 Juteau, Edgar to Karasewsky, Wladislaw
Surname groupings: Juteau, Ju, Ka, Kane-Ka interfiled, Ka, Karasewsky
T-15081 Juteau, Edgar to Karasewsky, Wladislaw
Surname groupings: Juteau, Ju, Ka, Kane-Ka interfiled, Ka, Karasewsky

- K -

T-15082 Kariya, Yasuye to Kearney, Joseph
Surname groupings: Kariya, Ka, Katz, Ka, Kaufman-Kaufmann interfiled, Ka, Kay, Ka, Ke, Kearney
T-15083 Kearney, Laura H. to Kelly, Timothy
Surname groupings: Kearney, Ke, Keen, Keenan, Keene, Ke-Keenan interfiled, Keir, Keith, Ke, Keller-Kellett-Ke interfiled, Kelley-Kelly interfiled, Ke, Kelly
T-15084 Kelly, Vernon to Keresztes, Friderik
Surname groupings: Kelly, Ke, Kemp, Ke, Kendall, Ke, Kennedy, Ke, Kenny, Kent, Ke, Kenyon, Ke, Keresztes
T-15085 Kerkoulas, George to Kiezerman, Tojba
Surname groupings: Kerkoulas, Ke, Kerr, Ke, Kh-Ki interfiled, Kidd, Ki, Kiezerman
T-15086 Kieman, V. to Kinney, Minnie L.
Surname groupings: Kieman, Ki, Kilpatrick, Ki, King, Ki, Kingston, Ki, Kinney
T-15087 Kinoshita, Nao to Klaver Van Bueren, J.
Surname groupings: Kinoshita, Ki, Kirby, Ki, Kirk, Ki, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Ki, Ki-Kj interfiled, Kl, Klassen-Kl interfiled, Klaver Van Bueren
T-15088 Klabbers, Karel to Knudsen, Niels
Surname groupings: Klabbers, Kl-Klassen interfiled, Kl, Klein, Kl, Knapp, Kn, Knight, Knights, Kn, Knott-Kn interfiled, Kn, Knowles, Knox, Kn, Knudsen
T-15089 Knudsen, Niels Ivar Krause to Koskimies, August
Surname groupings: Knudsen, Kn, Ko, Koch, Ko, Ko-Koehler interfiled, Ko, Ko-Kogan-Kohler interfiled, Ko-Kohn interfiled, Ko, Ko-Kondo interfiled, Ko-Kopp interfiled, Ko, Koskimies
T-15090 Kosovic, Barisa to Kristoffersen, Nilo
Surname groupings: Kosovic, Ko, Kr, Kristoffersen
T-15091 Kristiansen, Olaf to Kyle, Mary Jane
Surname groupings: Kristiansen, Kr, Kr-Kroeker interfiled, Kr-Krueger interfiled, Kr, Ku, Ku-Kw-Ky-Kz interfiled, Kyle
T-15092 Kyle, Mary Jane to Lalonde, Stella
Surname groupings: Kyle, Ku-Kv-Kw-Ky interfiled, La, Labbe, Labelle, Labrecque, Lacey, La, Lachance, La, Lacroix, Lacy, La, Laflamme, Lafleur, La, Laidlaw, Laing, Laird, Lajoie, La, Lake, La, Lalonde

- L -

T-15092 Kyle, Mary Jane to Lalonde, Stella
Surname groupings: Kyle, Ku-Kv-Kw-Ky interfiled, La, Labbe, Labelle, Labrecque, Lacey, La, Lachance, La, Lacroix, Lacy, La, Laflamme, Lafleur, La, Laidlaw, Laing, Laird, Lajoie, La, Lake, La, Lalonde
T-15093 Lamb, Agnes to Langslow, Harry R
Surname groupings: Lamb, La, Lambert, Lambie, La, Lamont, Lamontagne, Lamothe, La, Lancaster, La, Landry, Lane, Lang-Langdon-Lange-La interfiled, La, Langford, La, Langslow
T-15094 Langmuir, Helen to Laughton, Minnie
Surname groupings: Langmuir, La, Langley, Langlois, La, Lapierre, Lapointe, La, Lareau, Larivière, La, Larkin, Laroche, La Rochell, La Rose, Larsen, Larson, Larssen-Larsson-La interfiled, La, Latham, Latimer, La, Lauder, La, Laughton
T-15095 Laukkonen, Nikolaj to Lazdan, B.
Surname groupings: Laukkonen, La, Laurie, La, Lavigne, Law, La, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lawton-La interfiled, La, Lazdan
T-15096 Lazdan, Brasia to Lee, William
Surname groupings: Lazdan, La, Lea-Le interfiled, Leach, Le, Le Blanc, Le, Leckie, Leclerc, Le, Lee
T-15097 Lee, William to Lemon, Alma
Surname groupings: Lee, Le, Lees, Leese, Lefebvre-Lefevre interfiled, Le, Leigh-Leighton-Le interfiled, Le, Leitch, Le, Lemay, Lemieux, Le, Lemon
T-15098 Lemoine, Amélia to Levette, Alice
Surname groupings: Lemoine, Le, Lennox, Le, Leonard, Le, Leslie, Le, Lester, Le, Levette
T-15099 Lever, Annie to Liebing, Hedwig
Surname groupings: Lever, Le-Lever interfiled, Levesque, Le, Levin, Levine-Le interfiled, Le, Levy, Le, Lewis, Le-Lh interfiled, Li, Liddell, Li, Liebing
T-15100 Liebman, Henry to Link, Maude
Surname groupings: Liebman, Li, Lightfoot, Li, Lindsay, Li, Link
T-15101 Linka, Miklos to Lloyd, Ruth
Surname groupings: Linka, Li, Linton, Li, Lister, Li, Little, Li, Livingston, Livingstone, Ll, Lloyd
T-15102 Lloyd, Sarah to Lonvik, Elizabeth
Surname groupings: Lloyd, Lo, Locke, Lo, Lodge, Lo, Logan, Lo, Long, Lo, Lonvik
T-15103 Longton, Elizabeth to Lowe, Bertram
Surname groupings: Longton, Lo, Lord, Lo, Lorimer, Lo, Love, Low-Lo interfiled, Lowe
T-15104 Lowe, Beatrice to Luoma, Wilho
Surname groupings: Lowe, Lo, Lo-Lu interfiled, Lubin, Lu, Lucas, Lu, Luck, Lu, Ludwig-Lu interfiled, Lu, Luke, Lu, Lund, Lu, Luoma
T-15105 Lunney, William to MacBride, Mary
Surname groupings: Lunney, Lu, Lupton, Lu, Ly, Lyle, Lynch, Ly, Lyon, Ly-Lyons interfiled, Lyttle, Ma-MacA interfiled, MacAuley, MacA-MacB-MacC-MacD interfiled, MacBride

- M -

T-15106 MacCallum, Mary to Machin, Winifred M.
Surname groupings: MacCallum, MacB-MacC-MacD interfiled, MacDonald, MacDougall-MacDougal interfiled, Ma-MacE-MacF-MacG interfiled, MacFarlane, MacGregor, MacH-MacI-Ma interfiled, Machin
T-15107 Machalek, Janka to Mackie, John Roy
Surname groupings: Machalek, MacInnes, MacIntosh, MacIntyre, Mack, Ma-MacK interfiled, MacKay, MacKenzie, MacKey, MacK, MacKie
T-15108 Mackie, James to MacPherson, Hume
Surname groupings: Mackie, MacKinnon, MacIntosh, MacL-McL, MacLean, MacLennan, MacLeod, MacM-McM, MacMillan, MacN, MacO, MacP-MacQ-MacR-MacS-MacT-MacU-MacV-MacW-MacX-MacY-MacZ interfiled, MacPherson
T-15109 MacPherson, Ian James to Maitland, Jeanie
Surname groupings: MacPherson, MacRae, Mad, Madden, Mad-Mae-Maf interfiled, Madsen, Mag, Mah, Mahoney, Mai, Maitland
T-15110 Maitland, Jeanie to Manabe, Yoshita
Surname groupings: Maitland, Ma, Major, Ma, Malcolm, Ma, Manabe
T-15111 Mandara to Marcioz, Primo
Surname groupings: Mandara, Ma, Mann, Manning, Ma, Mansfield, Ma, Marchand, Ma, Marcioz
T-15112 Marewutski, Rachel to Marshall, George William
Surname groupings: Marewutski, Ma, Marks, Ma, Marlow, Ma, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall
T-15113 Marshall, H. A. C. to Martin, Sylvia Grace
Surname groupings: Marshall, Ma, Martel, Martens, Martin
T-15114 Martin, T. to Matalamaki, Ivari
Surname groupings: Martin, Ma, Martineau, Ma, Mason, Ma, Massey, Masson, Ma, Masters, Ma, Matalamaki
T-15115 Matcham, Jame to Mauroshat, Gustav
Surname groupings: Matcham, Ma, Mather, Matheson, Mathew-Mathewson-Ma interfiled, Mathews, Mathiesen-Ma interfiled, Ma, Matthew-Ma interfiled, Matthews, Ma, Mauroshat
T-15116 Maurin, A to McArthur, William H.
Surname groupings: Maurin Ma, Maxwell, May, Ma, Mayer-Mayers-Mayes-Ma interfiled, Ma, McA-McAdam-McAlister-McAllister interfiled, McAlpine, McArthur
T-15117 McArdle, Adele to McClean, William
Surname groupings: McArdle, McA, McAulay, McAuley, McAvoy, McB, McBain, McBeth, McBride, McCabe, McC, McCaffery, McC, McCall, McCallum, McCann, McC, McCarthy, McC, McClean-McCleary-McC interfiled, McClean
T-15118 McClellan, Agnes to McCullum, Henry William
Surname groupings: McClellan, McC, McClelland, MaC, MaClintock, McC, McClure, McC, McColl, McConnell, McC, McCormack, McCormick, McCoy, McC, McCracken, McC, McCullum
T-15119 McCulloch, A. Leslie to McEachern, William
Surname groupings: McCulloch, McCullough, McC, McCutcheon, McCurdy, McD-McDermott interfiled, McDonald, McD, McDowall-McD interfiled, McDougall, McDowell, McE, McEachern
T-15120 McElroy, Agnes to McGrath, Roy
Surname groupings: McElroy, McE, McEwen-McEwan interfiled, McFadyen-McFarland-McF interfiled, McFadden, McFarlane, McG, McGee-McGhee-McG interfiled, McGill-McGillivray-McG interfiled, McGilvray, McG, McGowan, McG, McGrail-McGraw-McG interfiled, McGrath
T-15121 McGrath, Sara to McKay, Isabella M.
Surname groupings: McGrath, McG, McGuinness-McG interfiled, McGregor, McGuire, McH, McI, McInnes, McI-McIver-McIvor-McJ interfiled, McIntosh, McIntyre-McInosh interfiled, McKay
T-15122 McKay, James to McKibbin, Willie
Surname groupings: McKay, McK-McKean interfiled, McKee, McKellar, McK-McKendrick interfiled, McKenna, McKenzie, McK, McKeown, McKinlay-McK interfiled, McKibbin
T-15123 McKinley, Adela to McLeod, Duncan Clarence
Surname groupings: McKinley, McKinna-McKinney-McKinnie-McK interfiled, McKnight-McK interfiled, McKinnon, McLachlan-McL interfiled, McLaren, McLaughlan-McLauchlan-McL interfiled, McLaughlin, McLellannd-McLeish-McL interfiled, McLean, McL, McLellann, McLeod
T-15124 McLeod, E. Audrey to McNeilly, Isobella
Surname groupings: McLeod, McL, McLoughlin-McLuckie-McL interfiled, McMahon, McManus-McMaster-McM interfiled, McM, McMillan, McMullan-McMullen-McMurray-McM interfiled, McNab-McN interfiled, McNeil-McNeilly-McN interfiled, McNeilly
T-15125 McNeilly, J. H. to Mead, William James
Surname groupings: McNeilly, McNeil-McNeilly-McN interfiled, McNeill, McNicoll-McN-McO interfiled, McP-McPhee interfiled, McPherson, McQ-McR interfiled, McRae, McS-McT interfiled, McV, McW, McWilliam-McWilliams interfiled, Me, Mead
T-15126 Meadows, Ada to Melville, W.
Surname groupings: Meadows, Me, Mee-Meehan-Me interfiled, Me, Meek-Me interfiled, Me, Meikle, Me, Melville-Me interfiled, Melville
T-15127 Menard, A. to Miatello, Luigi
Surname groupings: Menard, Me, Menzies, Me, Mercer, Me-Meredith interfiled, Me, Merrett-Me interfiled, Merrick, Merrill-Me interfiled, Merry-Merritt-Me interfiled, Me, Metcalfe, Me, Meyer, Me, Mi, Miatello
T-15128 Miceli, Maria to Millar, W. P.
Surname groupings: Miceli, Mi, Michael, Mi, Mi-Middlemiss-Middlemass interfiled, Middleton, Mi, Miles, Mi, Millar
T-15129 Millard, A to Mills, Winifred Ann
Surname groupings: Millard, Millard-Mill-Mi interfiled, Miller, Millagan-Millington-Mi interfiled, Mills
T-15130 Milner, Ada Hannah to Mitchell, George
Surname groupings: Milner, Mi, Milne, Milroy, Milton-Mi interfiled, Mi, Minns-Minor-Mi interfiled, Mi, Mitchell
T-15131 Mitchell, George to Molesworth, Ivy Frederica
Surname groupings: Mitchell, Mi, Mo, Moe, Mo, Moffat, Moffatt, Mo, Moir, Mo, Molesworth
T-15132 Molewyk, Jennecke to Moore, Charles William
Surname groupings: Molewyk, Mo, Moller-Mo interfiled, Molson-Mo interfiled, Mo, Monk-Mo interfiled, Monroe-Mo interfiled, Mo, Montgomery, Mo, Moodie, Moody, Moon, Mo, Mooney, Moore
T-15133 Moore, Charles William to Morgan, Sydney
Surname groupings: Moore, Mo-Moorhouse interfiled, Moran, Mo, Morey, Morgan
T-15134 Morgan, T. H. to Morrison, Grace Campbell
Surname groupings: Morgan, Mo, Morin-Morison-Mo interfiled, Morley-Mo interfiled, Morrell-Morrice-Mo interfiled, Morris, Morrison
T-15135 Morrison, Grace Walker to Mottram, Thomas Frank
Surname groupings: Morrison, Morriss-Morrissey-Mo interfiled, Morrow, Morse, Mortimer-Mo interfiled, Morton, Mo, Moser, Moses, Mo, Moss, Mo, Mottram
T-15136 Mottishaw, Walter Bud to Muller, Willi
Surname groupings: Mottishaw, Mo, Mott, Mould-Moule-Mo interfiled, Mould, Mo-Mountain-Montfort interfiled, Mount, Mo, Mowat, Moyer-Moyes-Mo interfiled, Mo, Mu-Mudd interfiled, Mueller, Mu-Muirhead interfiled, Muir, Mu-Muldoon interfiled, Mu, Mulholland, Mullen, Muller
T-15137 Mulock, Adele to Murphy, Rowland
Surname groupings: Mulock, Mullin-Mulligan-Mu interfiled, Mullins, Mu-Mumford interfiled, Mu, Munday, Mu-Munn interfiled, Munroe, Munro, Mu, Murakami-Mu interfiled, Murdoch-Murdock interfiled, Mu, Murphy
T-15138 Murphy, Sadie to Myles, Charles
Surname groupings: Murphy, Murray, Mu, Mu-Mutch interfiled, My-Myatt-interfiled, Myers, My, Myles
T-15139 Myron, David McKenzie to Naylor, William Henry
Surname groupings: Myron, My, Myles, Na, Nadeau, Nagy-Na interfiled, Na, Napier-Na interfiled, Na, Nash, Na, Naughton, Na, Naylor

- N -

T-15139 Myron, David McKenzie to Naylor, William Henry
Surname groupings: Myron, My, Myles, Na, Nadeau, Nagy-Na interfiled, Na, Napier-Na interfiled, Na, Nash, Na, Naughton, Na, Naylor
T-15140 Neakes, Ada to Neufeld, Kornelius
Surname groupings: Neakes, Ne-Neame interfiled, Neal, Neale, Ne, Neely-Ne interfiled, Needham, Ne, Neil, Neill, Neilsen, Neilson, Ne, Nelson, Ne, Nesbit, Nesbitt, Ness-Ne interfiled, Ne, Neufeld-Ne interfiled, Neufeld
T-15141 Neubaer, Leo to Nichols, Norman
Surname groupings: Neubaer, Ne-Neufeld interfiled, Ne-Neumann interfiled, Ne-Nevin-Neve interfiled, Neville, New-Newall-Ne interfiled, Ne, Newcombe, Ne-Newey interfiled, Newell, Ne-Newland-Ne interfiled, Newman, Ne, Newton, Ne-Ng-Nh-Ney interfiled, Ni-Nichol-Nicholas interfiled, Nichol-Nicholasls, Nichol-Nicholas
T-15142 Nichols, Pery to Nimoy, Motel
Surname groupings: Nichols, Nicholson, Ni, Nicol, Nicolson, Ni-Nicoll interfiled, Ni, Nielsen, Nielson, Ni, Niemi, Ni, Nimoy
T-15143 Nimoy, Motel to Nordahl, Petter
Surname groupings: Nimoy, Ni, Nilsen, Nilson-Nilsson interfiled, Ni, Ni-Niven interfiled, Nixon, No, Noble, No, Noel, No, Nolan, No, No-Noon interfiled, No, Nordahl
T-15144 Nordal, Ragnhild to Nyburg, Constance
Surname groupings: Nordal, No, Norman, Norris, No-North interfiled, No, Norton, No, No-Nott interfiled, No, Novak, No-Noyes-Noxon interfiled, Nowak, Nu, Nu-Nugent interfiled, Nu, Nu-Nunn interfiled, Nu-Nuttall interfiled, Ny, Nyburg
T-15145 Nygaard, D. to Ogjbowski, Gladyslaw
Surname groupings: Nygaard, Ny, Oa-Oak-Oakes interfiled, Oa-Oakley-Oates interfiled, Ob, O'Brien, Oc, O'Connell, O'Connor, Od, O'Donnell, O'Donoghue, Oe, Of-Offord interfiled, Og-Ogg interfiled, Ogjhowski

- O -

T-15146 Ogden, Alan Whittaker to Olscher, Isak
Surname groupings: Ogden, Ogilvie, Og, Oh, O'Hara, Oh-Oi-Oj interfiled, Ok-O'Keeffe interfiled, Ol, Oldfield, Oldham, Ol, Oliver, Ol, Olscher
T-15147 Olmsted, Jeff D. to Ormerod, Kathleen Mary
Surname groupings: Olmsted, Ol, Olsen, Olson-Olsson interfiled, Ol, Om, O'Mara, O'Neil-On interfiled, O'Neill, On-Oo-Op interfiled, Op-Oq interfiled, Or-O'Ragan interfiled, Or, O'Reilly, Or, Ormerod
T-15148 Orme, Laura Uppercu to Overland, Robert F.
Surname groupings: Orme, Or, O'Rourke, Or-Orr interfiled, Or-Orton interfiled, Os-Osborn interfiled, Osborne, Os, Osgood, Os, Os-O'Sullivan interfiled, Ot-O'Toole interfiled, Ot, Ouellette, Ov, Overland
T-15149 Ovenden, Thomas to Palin, Gwynedd Marion
Surname groupings: Ovenden, Ov, Ow-Ox-Oy-Oz interfiled, Owen, Owens, Ox-Oy-Oz interfiled, Pa-Pace interfiled, Pa-Packer interfiled, Pa, Page, Pa, Pa-Paine-Painter interfiled, Pa, Palin

- P -

T-15150 Palliser, Harry Cecil to Parker, Audrey Isabel
Surname groupings: Palliser, Pa, Palmer, Pa, Pa-Pape-Papineau interfiled, Pappas, Paquette, Paquin, Pa, Parent, Pa, Park, Parker
T-15151 Parker, Baden Powell to Parton, W
Surname groupings: Parker, Pa-Parkin interfiled, Parkes, Parkinson, Parks, Pa, Pa-Parr interfiled, Parry, Pa, Parsons, Pa, Parton
T-15152 Partridge, Charles to Patterson, Lydia
Surname groupings: Partridge, Pa, Partridge, Pa, Paterson, Pa, Paton, Pa-Patrick-Pattison-Pattinson interfiled, Patterson
T-15153 Patterson, M. to Pearce, Stuart
Surname groupings: Patterson, Pa, Patton, Paul, Pa-Pauls-Pauwels interfiled, Paulson, Pa, Payette, Payne, Pe-Peacock interfiled, Pe-Pears interfiled, Pearce
T-15154 Pearce, Thomas to Pelton, Ross D.
Surname groupings: Pearce, Pearson, Pe-Peat interfiled, Peck, Pe, Pedersen, Pe-Peek-Peebles interfiled, Pe, Pelletier, Pe, Pelton
T-15155 Peltzer, Rudolf to Perry, Evelyn
Surname groupings: Peltzer, Pe, Penner-Pe interfiled, Pe, Pe-Pepper interfiled, Pe, Perkins, Pe, Perrault, Perry
T-15156 Perry, F. S. to Petker, Rudolf
Surname groupings: Perry, Pe, Persson-Person interfiled, Pe, Peters, Pe-Petersson interfiled, Petersen, Peterson, Pe, Pe-Petrie interfiled, Petker
T-15157 Petrovich, S. to Picard, Mélanie
Surname groupings: Petrovich, Pe, Pettersen-Petterssen-Pettersson-Pe interfiled, Pe, Pf-Pfeiffer interfiled, Pf-Pfister interfiled, Ph-Phelan interfiled, Ph-Phelps-Phenix interfiled, Philip-Philippe-Phillip-Ph interfiled, Philips, Phillips, Ph-Phipps-Philpot interfiled, Pi, Picard
T-15158 Pickard, A. H. to Piot, Charles
Surname groupings: Pickard, Pi-Pickering interfiled, Pi, Pierce-Piercy-Pi interfiled, Pi, Pi-Pilling interfiled, Pi, Pi-Pinkerton interfiled, Pi, Piot
T-15159 Piper, Charles to Pobjanen, Arvo Vilhelm
Surname groupings: Piper, Pi, Pirie, Pi-Pitt interfiled, Pi, Pl-Plant interfiled, Platt-Pl interfiled, Pl, Pl-Plummer interfiled, Po, Pobjanen
T-15160 Point, Beatrice to Porteous, Robert Williamson
Surname groupings: Point, Po, Poirier, Po, Po-Pollard interfiled, Po, Pollock, Po-Pomeroy interfiled, Po, Po-Pool interfiled, Poole, Po, Pope, Po, Po-Porteous interfiled, Porteous
T-15161 Porte, Sadie to Poyser, Jos. Revill
Surname groupings: Porte, Po, Porter, Po, Po-Post interfiled, Po, Potter, Po-Potts interfiled, Poulin, Po-Pow interfiled, Powell, Power, Po-Powley interfiled, Poyser
T-15162 Powlton, Kate to Priestland, Grace
Surname groupings: Powlton, Po, Pr, Pratt, Pr, Pr-Prentice interfiled, Pr-Prescott interfiled, Pr, Preston, Pr, Price, Pr-Price interfiled, Pr, Priestland
T-15163 Priestley, Hannah to Purcell, Bertha
Surname groupings: Priestley, Pr, Pr-Prince interfiled, Pringle-Pr interfiled, Pr, Pritchard, Procter-Proctor interfiled Pr, Provost, Pr, Pu, Puddicombe, Pu, Pugh, Pu, Purcell
T-15164 Purdie, Catherine to Rach, Ludwig
Surname groupings: Purdie, Pu-Purdie-Purcell interfiled, Purdy, Pu, Py-Pye-Pyke interfiled, Qu, Quigley-Quick-Qu interfiled, Qu, Quin, Quinn, Qu-Quinton interfiled, Ra, Rach

- R -

T-15164 Purdie, Catherine to Rach, Ludwig
Surname groupings: Purdie, Pu-Purdie-Purcell interfiled, Purdy, Pu, Py-Pye-Pyke interfiled, Qu, Quigley-Quick-Qu interfiled, Qu, Quin, Quinn, Qu-Quinton interfiled, Ra, Rach
T-15165 Raboy, Malca to Ramsay, Josephine
Surname groupings: Raboy, Ra, Radcliffe, Radford, Ra, Rae, Ra, Raeburn, Raf, Ra, Rafferty, Ra, Ra-Raine-Raines interfiled, Ra, Ralph-Ra interfiled, Ralston, Ra, Ra-Ramsey interfiled, Ramsay
T-15166 Ramsay, Kate to Ray, Gladys Amelia
Surname groupings: Ramsay, Ra, Randall, Ra, Randle, Ra, Rankin, Ra, Ra-Rasmussen interfiled, Ra, Ratcliff-Ratcliffe interfiled, Rattray, Ra, Ra-Rawlings interfiled, Ra-Ray interfiled, Ray
T-15167 Ray, Hannah to Redford, Victor
Surname groupings: Ray, Ra-Ray interfiled, Ra-Rayner interfiled, Raymond, Re-Rea interfiled, Read, Re-Reade-Reading interfiled, Re, Redford
T-15168 Redhead, Thomas to Reid, Rush B.
Surname groupings: Redhead, Re, Redmond, Reed, Re-Rees interfiled, Reeder, Reesor-Reeson-Reese interfiled, Re, Reeve, Reeves, Re-Regan interfiled, Re, Reid
T-15169 Reid, Saada to Reynaurt, Courtandt
Surname groupings: Reid, Re, Reidy, Reilly, Re-Reimer interfiled, Re, Re-Relf-Relph interfiled, Re-Rempel interfiled, Re-Renaud interfiled, Rendall, Rendle, Re, Rennie, Re, Re-Revell-Revill interfiled, Re, Reynaurt
T-15170 Rezniroff, David to Richardson, Annie Elizabeth
Surname groupings: Rezniroff, Re, Reynolds, Rh-Rhind-Rhoades interfiled, Rhodes, Ri-Rice interfiled, Ri-Rich-Richer interfiled, Richard, Richards, Richardson
T-15171 Richardson, Annie Elizabeth to Riley, Rose M.
Surname groupings: Richardson, Richmond-Richardson-Re interfiled, Richter, Ri-Ricketts interfiled, Ri-Ridell-Ridley interfiled, Ri, Ri-Riedel interfiled, Ri, Ri-Rigby interfiled, Riley
T-15172 Riley, Rupert George to Robbins, Ethel
Surname groupings: Riley, Ri, Ritchie, Ri, Ro, Robb, Robbins
T-15173 Robbins, Ethel Adelaide to Robertson, John
Surname groupings: Robbins, Robert, Roberts, Robertson
T-15174 Robertson, J. to Robinson, W.
Surname groupings: Robertson, Ro-Robin-Robins interfiled, Robinson
T-15175 Robinson, William George to Rojtman, Szewa
Surname groupings: Robinson, Robson, Ro-Roche interfiled, Ro-Rock interfiled, Ro-Roden interfiled, Ro, Rodger, Rodgers, Rodgerson, Ro-Roe interfiled, Ro-Roger-Rogan interfiled, Rogers, Ro, Rogerson, Ro, Rojtman
T-15176 Rojtman, Szlama to Rosenkranz, Markus
Surname groupings: Rojtman, Ro-Rolfe-Rolland interfiled, Ro, Ro-Rook-Rooke-Roome interfiled, Rooney, Ro-Roose interfiled, Ro-Roper interfiled, Rose, Ro, Rosen, Rosebaum, Rosenberg, Ro, Rosenfeld-Rosenfield interfiled, Ro-Rosenberg interfiled, Ro, Rosenkranz
T-15177 Rosenstien, M. to Roudi, Zima
Surname groupings: Rosenstien, Ro, Rosenthal-Rosental-Ro interfiled, Ro, Ross, Ro, Roth, Ro, Ro-Rothwell interfiled, Ro, Roudi
T-15178 Rourke, Allan to Ruddock, Evelyn Annie
Surname groupings: Rourke, Ro, Ro-Rowan interfiled, Rowe-Ro-Rowen interfiled, Ro-Rowland-Rowley interfiled, Ro-Roy-Rozenberg interfiled, Ru, Ruddock
T-15179 Russell, Winifred Maud to Russo, Adolfa di Carmine
Surname groupings: Russell, Ry-Ryall interfiled, Ryan W to A, Ru, Rutherford, Ru, Russo
T-15180 Rudawec, Fedor to Sairanen, Otto Vilhelm
Surname groupings: Rudawec, Ru, Ru-Rule interfiled, Ru, Ru-Rush-Rushton interfiled, Ry-Rz interfiled, Sa, Sadler, Sa, Sairanen

- S -

T-15181 Sakuda, Bunzaburo to Sande, Petron
Surname groupings: Sakuda, Sa, St. A to St. Z interfiled, Sa, Salisbury, Sa, Sa-Salt interfiled, Salter, Sa, Sa-Sampson interfiled, Sa-Samuel interfiled, Sa, Sande
T-15182 Sanborn, Rachel Rice to Saunders, Constance Olive
Surname groupings: Sanborn, Sa, Sanders, Sanderson, Sa, Sa-Sands interfiled, Sa-Sanford interfiled, Sangster, Sa, Sankey, Sa, Sargeant, Sargent, Sa, Sa-Sato interfiled, Sa-Sault interfiled, Sa, Saunders
T-15183 Saunders, Daisy to Scheerpf, Anna
Surname groupings: Saunders, Saunderson, Sa, Savage, Sa, Sawyer, Saxby-Saxton interfiled, Sa, Sayer-Sayers interfiled, Sc, Schaeffer, Sc, Sc-Schafer interfiled, Sc, Scheerpf
T-15184 Schechter, Beila to Schlesinger, Violet
Surname groupings: Schechter, Sc, Sc-Schellenberg interfiled, Sc, Schlesinger
T-15185 Schlissel, Abraham to Schroder, Christian
Surname groupings: Schlissel, Sc, Sc-Schmid interfiled, Schmidt, Sc, Schmitz, Sc, Schneider, Sc, Sc-Scholes interfiled, Schofield, Sc, Sc-Schreiber interfiled, Schroeder-Sc interfiled, Schroder
T-15186 Schroder, Daisy Ethel to Scott, Lady Margaret
Surname groupings: Schroder, Schroder-Schroeder-Sc interfiled, Sc, Schultz, Sc, Schwartz, Schwarz-Sc interfiled, Sc, Scott
T-15187 Scott, Margaret to Sellen, Cyril Arthur
Surname groupings: Scott, Sc, Se, Searle-Seal-Se interfiled, Se-Seaton interfiled, Se, Se-Seed interfiled, Se, Segal, Segall, Se, Selby, Se, Sellen
T-15188 Sellers, David Harry to Shapero, James
Surname groupings: Sellers, Se, Semple, Se, Se-Sewell interfiled, Se, Seymour, Sh, Shackleton, Sh, Shaffer, Sh, Sh-Shand interfiled, Shanks, Sh-Shannon interfiled, Sh-Shapiro interfiled, Shapero
T-15189 Shapcott, James to Sheldon, Lucy Ann
Surname groupings: Shapcott, Sh-Shapiro interfiled, Sh-Sharman-Sharkey interfiled, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharples, Sharps, Sh, Shaw, Sh, Shea, Sh, Shearer, Sh, Sh-Shedden interfiled, Sh, Sheehan, Sh, Sheffield, Sh-Sheldon interfiled, Sheldon
T-15190 Sheldon, Mabel to Shiraye, Shinzo
Surname groupings: Sheldon, Sh-Shelton interfiled, Sh-Shepard-Shephard interfiled, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sh, Shepperd, Sheridan, Sh, Sherman, Sh, Sherwood, Sh, Shields, Sh, Shiraye
T-15191 Shihara, Sen to Sim, William Massie
Surname groupings: Shihara, Sh, Sh-Shore-Short interfiled, Short, Sh, Shuttleworth, Si, Sibley, Si, Silver, Si, Silvester, Sim
T-15192 Simmard to Sinclair, Archie
Surname groupings: Simmard, Si, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Si-Simon interfiled, Si, Simons, Simpkin-Simpkins interfiled, Simpson, Sims, Si-Simson interfiled, Si, Sinclair
T-15193 Sinclair, Barbara to Skintey, Ivan
Surname groupings: Sinclair, Sinfield, Si-Singer interfiled, Singleton, Singh, Si, Sister (nuns), Si, Sk, Skintey
T-15194 Skillen, James to Small, Ruth E.
Surname groupings: Skillen, Sk, Skinner, Sk, Sl, Slack, Slade, Sl-Slattery interfiled, Slater, Sl, Sloan, Sl, Small
T-15195 Small, Sadie to Smith, Daisy M.
Surname groupings: Small, Sm-Small interfiled, Sm-Smalley-Smallwood interfiled, Smart, Sm-Smellie interfiled, Sm-Smillie-Smithson-Smithers interfiled, Sm, Smith
T-15196 Smith, Daisy M. to Smith, Jane
Surname groupings: Smith
T-15197 Smith, Jane to Smith, Volera
Surname groupings: Smith
T-15198 Smith, William to Sodo, Gosta Valfird
Surname groupings: Smith, Sm, Sm-Smyth interfiled, Sn, Sn-Snowden-Snider interfiled, Snow, Snyder, So, Sodo
T-15199 Socovan, Hana to Spalding, Dolly R.
Surname groupings: Socovan, So, Solomon-So interfiled, So, So-Somers interfiled, So-Sommer-Sommerville interfiled, So, So-Sorensen interfiled, So, Sp, Spalding
T-15200 Spalding, Edith to Sprackles, Thomas
Surname groupings: Spalding, Sp, Sparks, Sp-Spear interfiled, Sp-Speed-Spedding interfiled, Sp, Spence, Spencer, Sp, Spicer, Sp, Sp-Spooner interfiled, Sp, Sprackles
T-15201 Sprague, Walter to Starcevie, Stephan
Surname groupings: Sprague, Sp, Sq-Squire-Squires interfiled, St, Stacey, St-Stafford interfiled, St, Stalker, St, St-Stanley interfiled, St-Stanton interfiled, St-Stapleton-Stapley interfiled, St, Starcevie
T-15202 Stares, Walter to Stephan, Charles
Surname groupings: Stares, Stark, St-Starkey-Starkman interfiled, St, St-Staton interfiled, St, Stead, St-Stedmond interfiled, St, Steel, Steele, St, Stein, St-Steinberg interfiled, St, St-Stephan-stephen interfiled, Stephan
T-15203 Stephen, Charles to Steward, Daisy Marion
Surname groupings: Stephen, St-Stephen interfiled, Stephens, Stephenson, St, Sterling, Stern, St, Stevens, Stevenson, Steward
T-15204 Steward, Ellen to Stobbe, Cornelius
Surname groupings: Steward, Stewart, St, St-Stiles interfiled, St-Still-Stilwell-Stimson interfiled, St, Stirling, St, Stobbe
T-15205 Stock, David to Stragier, I.
Surname groupings: Stock, St, Stokes, St, Stone, St, Storey, St, Story, Stott, St, Stragier
T-15206 Strachan, Jack to Sturdzik, Josef
Surname groupings: Strachan, St, Street, Streeter, St, Stringer, St, St-Strong interfiled, St, Stuart, Stubbs-St interfiled, St, Sturdzik
T-15207 Sturm, Kremens to Sutherland, Evelyn
Surname groupings: Sturm, St, Su, Sullivan, Su, Su-Summers interfiled, Su, Sunderland, Sundstrom, Su, Sutherland
T-15208 Sutherland, Findlay Ross to Swift, Gladys Mary
Surname groupings: Sutherland, Su-Sv-Svensson-Suziki interfiled, Sutton, Sw-Swain-Swaine-Swallow interfiled, Swan, Sw-Swanton-Swanston interfiled, Swann, Swanson, Sw-Sweeny interfiled, Sweet, Sw-Sweeting-Sweetman interfiled, Sw, Swift
T-15209 Swift, Harold to Tadman, Monica
Surname groupings: Swift, Su, Sy, Sykes, Sy-Symons-Syme interfiled, Sz, Ta, Tadman

- T -

T-15209 Swift, Harold to Tadman, Monica
Surname groupings: Swift, Su, Sy, Sykes, Sy-Symons-Syme interfiled, Sz, Ta, Tadman
T-15210 Tabara, Noboru to Taradasz, Szejwa
Surname groupings: Tabara, Ta, Taggart, Tait, Ta, Talbot, Ta, Taradasz
T-15211 Teramura, Tohichi to Taylor, John
Surname groupings: Teramura, Ta, Tate, Ta, Ta-Tayler interfiled, Taylor
T-15212 Taylor, John to Tenenvurzel, Lipa
Surname groupings: Taylor, Tc, Te, Te-Temple-Templeton interfiled, Te, Tenenvurzel
T-15213 Tenma, Masuichi to Thomas, Ivor
Surname groupings: Tenma, Te, Terry, Te-Tester-Tessier interfiled, Te, Th-Thatcher interfiled, Th, Th-Thiessen interfiled, Th, Thom, Thomas-Thomasson-Th interfiled, Thomas
T-15214 Thomas, J. to Thomson, A.
Surname groupings: Thomas, Thompson, Thomsen, Thomson
T-15215 Thomson, Baden L. to Threadgold, Ethel P.
Surname groupings: Thomson, Th, Thorne, Th, Thornton, Thorp, Thorpe, Th, Threadgold
T-15216 Thrun, Florence Idello to Tocher, Francis S.
Surname groupings: Thrun, Th, Ti, Tilley, Ti, Timins, Timmins, Ti, Tj-Tk-Tl interfiled, To, Tocher
T-15217 Tobler, George to Topazzini, Luigi
Surname groupings: Tobler, To, Todd, To, Tomkins, Tomkinson, Tomlinson, To, Tompkins, To-Toms interfiled, To, Toole, To, Topazzini
T-15218 Topolovec, Magda to Trethewey, Betty
Surname groupings: Topolovec, To, Torrance-Torrence interfiled, To, Townsend, To-Toyama-Toyoda-Toyota interfiled, Tr-Tracey-Tracy interfiled, Tr, Tr-Traut interfiled, Tr, Trethewey
T-15219 Trewin, Catherine to Tucker, Thomas H. H.
Surname groupings: Trewin, Tr, Tr-Trotter-Troup interfiled, Tr, Tr-Ts interfiled, Ts, Tu, Tucker
T-15220 Tucker, Verna to Turtle, Evelyn Betty
Surname groupings: Tucker, Tu, Tupper, Tu, Turnbull, Turner, Tu, Turtle
T-15221 Turnham, Fanny to Urman, Dvoira
Surname groupings: Turnham, Tu, Tu-Tv interfiled, Tw, Ty-Tyler interfiled, Ty-Tyson-Tz interfiled, Ub-Uc-Ue-Uf-Ug-Uh-Ui-Uj-Uk interfiled, Ul, Un-Underhill-Underwood interfiled, Un-Unger interfiled, Un-Up interfiled, Ur, Urman

- U -

T-15222 Urano, Eikichi to Vanderspek, Izaak
Surname groupings: Urano, Ur, Urquhart, Us-Ut-Uu-Uy-Uz interfiled, Va, Va-Valentine interfiled, Va-Vallance interfiled, Van A, Van B-Van C interfiled, Van D, Vanderspek

- V -

T-15223 Vanderree, Jacob to Vaughan, Myrtle
Surname groupings: Vanderree, Van D, Van E-Van G-Van H interfiled, Van interfiled, Van-Vanstone interfiled, Van T to Van Z interfiled, Va-Varga-Varley interfiled, Va-Vaughan interfiled, Vaughan
T-15224 Vaughan, Nellie to Vidler, William Thomas
Surname groupings: Vaughan, Va, Ve-Veale interfiled, Ve, Vi-Vickers interfiled, Vi, Vidler
T-15225 Vilutis, A. to Vyberal, Rosie
Surname groupings: Vilutis, Vi, Vi-Vincent interfiled, Vi-Vitale-Vivian interfiled, Vl, Vo, Von, Vo, Vr, Vr-Vs-Vu-Vy interfiled, Vyberal
T-15226 Vujovic, Save to Walker, Aubrey Francis
Surname groupings: Vujovic, Vr-Vs-Vu-Vy interfiled, Wa, Wa-Wade interfiled, Waddell, Wa, Wadsworth, Wagstaff-Wagstaffe interfiled, Wagner, Wa, Wa-Wain interfiled, Wainwright, Wa-Waite interfiled, Wa, Wa-Wale-Walden interfiled, Wa, Walker

- W -

T-15227 Walker, Alec to Wallace, Julia
Surname groupings: Walker, Wall, Wallace
T-15228 Wallace, James to Warburton, May
Surname groupings: Wallace, Wa, Waller, Wa-Wallin interfiled, Wallis, Walmsley, Wa-Walls interfiled, Walsh, Wa, Walter, Walters, Walton, Wa, Warburton
T-15229 Warburton, Nellie to Wasberg, Isak
Surname groupings: Warburton, Ward, Wa, Warner, Warren, Wa-Warwick-Warrington interfiled, Wa, Wasberg
T-15230 Washer, James to Watson, Winonia
Surname groupings: Washer, Wa-Wason interfiled, Wa, Waterman, Waters, Wa, Watkins, Watkinson, Watson
T-15231 Watson, Yvonne Beatrice to Weber, Frans
Surname groupings: Watson, Watt, Watters, Watts, Wa-Waugh interfiled, Wa-Way interfiled, We, Weaver, We-Webley interfiled, Webb, Webber, Weber
T-15232 Weber, Georg to Wellburn, Clifford
Surname groupings: Weber, Webster, We, Weeks-Weekes interfiled, We, We-Weil interfiled, We-Weiler interfiled, Weinberg, Weiner, We, We-Weinstein-Weinstick interfiled, We, Weir, We, We-Weiss interfiled, We, We-Welbourn-Welbourne interfiled, Welch, We, Wellburn
T-15233 Weller, Daisy to Weston, Constance L.
Surname groupings: Weller, We, Wells, We-Welsford interfiled, Welsh, We, West, We, Western, We, We-Westwood interfiled, Weston
T-15234 Weston, Dacre Leslie to White, John W.
Surname groupings: Weston, We, Wh-Whalley interfiled, Wh, Wh-Wheatley interfiled, Wheeler, Wh, Whelan, Wh, Wh-Whitaker interfiled, White
T-15235 White, Kate to Whyard, Fredrick
Surname groupings: White, Wh-Whitehead interfiled, Wh, Wh-Whitley-Whitlock interfiled, Whiting, Wh-Whitmore interfiled, Wh, Whitney, Wh-Whittingham interfiled, Whittaker, Wh, Whyard
T-15236 Whitton, George to Wilkes, David
Surname groupings: Whitton, Wh-Whitworth interfiled, Whyte, Wi-Wibe-Wickens interfiled, Wick-Wicks interfiled, Wi, Wi-Wiebe interfiled, Wi-Wieler interfiled, Wi-Wiens interfiled, Wi, Wilcox, Wi-Wilcock-Wilby interfiled, Wild-Wilde-Wi interfiled, Wi, Wiley, Wi, Wi-Wilkes interfiled, Wilkes
T-15237 Wilkes, E. to Williams, Freeman
Surname groupings: Wilkes, Wi-Wilkes interfiled, Wi-Wilkie interfiled, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wi-Will-Wilcox interfiled, Willard, Wi-Willett interfiled, Wi, Williams
T-15238 Williams, Florence to Wills, Cuthbert E. T.
Surname groupings: Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wi, Wills
T-15239 Wills, Daisy D. to Wilson, James
Surname groupings: Wills, Wi, Wilson
T-15240 Wilson, Jane to Winstanley, Arthur Reginald
Surname groupings: Wilson, Wi-Wilton-Wiltshire interfiled, Wi, Wi-Winfield interfiled, Wi, Winstanley
T-15241 Winsor, Bens J. to Wonfor, Herbert
Surname groupings: Winsor, Wi, Wi-Winter interfiled, Wi-Winwood-Winters, Wi, Wi-Wise interfiled, Wi-Wiseman-Wishart interfiled, Wi-Withers interfiled, Wi-Witt interfiled, Wi-Wl interfiled, Wo, Wo-Wolf interfiled, Wo-Wolfe interfiled, Wo, Wonfor
T-15242 Wolverson, Herbert John to Woodall, Jane
Surname groupings: Wolverson, Wo-Wong interfiled, Wi-Wl interfiled, Wo, Wo-Wolf interfiled, Wo-Wolfe interfiled, Wo-Wolff interfiled, Wo, Wood, Wo, Woodall
T-15243 Woodburn, Jennie to Worton, Harry
Surname groupings: Woodburn, Wo, Woods, Wo-Woodward interfiled, Wo, Wo-Workman interfiled, Wo, Wo-Worth interfiled, Worton
T-15244 Wotherspoon, Harry to Wuschke August
Surname groupings: Wotherspoon, Wo, Wr, Wright, Wr, Wu, Wuschke
T-15245 Wuschke, Berta to Ylinen, Anne
Surname groupings: Wuschke, Wu, Wy-Wyatt interfiled, Wy-Wyllie interfiled, Wylie, Wy, Wy-Wynn-Wynne interfiled, Ya-Xa-Xe-Xh-Xu-Xi-Xm interfiled, Ya-Yamada interfiled, Ya, Ya-Yc-Ye interfiled, Yates, Ye, Ye-Yi-Yl interfiled, Ylinen

- Y -

T-15246 Ylitalo, Anna to Yuchtman, Avrum
Surname groupings: Ylitalo, Ye-Yi-Yl-Yg interfiled, Yo, Yo-York-Yorke interfiled, Young, Yo-Yr-Yp-Yr-Ys-Yt interfiled, Yu, Yuchtman
T-15247 Yule, Barbara to Zic, Vinko
Surname groupings: Yule, Yu-Yule interfiled, Za, Za-Zb-Zd interfiled, Ze, Zi, Zic

- Z -

T-15248 Zierold, Walter to Zyromska, Z.
Surname groupings: Zierold, Zi, Zi-Zimmerman interfiled, Zi-Zl-Zm-Zn interfiled, Zo-Zp-Zi-Zr-Zs-Zu interfiled, Zu, Zu-Zv-Zw-Zy interfiled, Zyromska

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