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Genealogy and Family History

About Genealogy Services

Mission and Vision

To facilitate the discovery of our roots and family histories as a basic part of our Canadian heritage.

To encourage the use of genealogy and the resources available in libraries and archives as tools for life-long learning.


The Genealogy Services' policy and strategic priorities have been established to improve service to Canadians. This is in accordance with specific initiatives of the federal government, namely Improving Service to Canadians, and the Canadian Culture Online strategy.

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The Genealogy Services' operations are based on the development of its network of partners. This network consists of various organizations that preserve our archival heritage, user groups in the genealogy community, university circles, the network of libraries, private firms and the voluntary sector.

In order to maximize its products and services, the Genealogy Services must show innovative leadership in the areas of collaboration, consultation, and the development of national and even international partnerships. To ensure that authoritative content is properly created, any partnership will be subject to specific agreements that will cover criteria governing the quality of the content in question.