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2002-2003 Survey

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An online survey was conducted between October 30, 2002 and January 27, 2003 on "Canadian Genealogy Online: Building an Innovative Model of Cooperation." A total of 2,237 people took part.


Age groups Percentage
Under 18 0.7%
18-35 5.9%
36-45 12.7%
46-55 26.6%
56-65 30.5%
65 and over 21.9%
Did not answer 1.8%
Provinces/Territories Percentage
Alberta 7.8%
British Columbia 10.6%
Prince Edward Island 0.9%
Manitoba 2.0%
New Brunswick 2.4%
Nova Scotia 3.6%
Nunavut 0.2%
Ontario 31.3%
Quebec 19.4%
Saskatchewan 1.8%
Newfoundland and Labrador 1.0%
Northwest Territories, Yukon, other 0.6%
United States 4.2%

What is your level of experience in genealogy?

Experience in Genealogy Percentage
Beginner 21.1%
Intermediate 60.1%
Expert 10.6%
Did not answer 8.1%

Question 1

Which consultation strategy or method should the Genealogy and Family History adopt first?

Response Percentage
Online survey 54.3%
Conference/symposium 3.3%
Telephone survey 1.6%
Focus group survey 4.1%
Advisory panel 21.9%
I do not know 13.1%
Did not answer 1.7%

Question 2

Within the context of consultations conducted by the Genealogy and Family History, users and genealogical service providers identified products and services that should be made available through the Centre.

Among these products and services, which one should be developed first?

Response Percentage
Online databases
(e.g., census index, digitized images, passenger lists)
Genealogy courses 3.1%
Discussion group
(e.g., CHAT)
Online shopping
(e.g., partners' products and services, specialized research, CD-ROMs, books, software)
Digitized newspapers 2.7%
Online genealogical reference service
(e.g., replies to online genealogical queries)
I do not know 1.9%
Did not answer 1.8%

Question 3

The Genealogy and Family History is seeking a balance between free products and services and the billed products and services that it will provide.

Would you be willing to pay for the following products and services?

Response Yes No Did not Answer
Consultation of online databases (e.g., census index) 28.2% 63.0% 34.8%
Digitized images on demand 50.2% 37.6% 12.2%
Genealogy courses 50.0% 37.7% 12.3%
Consultation of digitized newspapers 32.1% 54.6% 13.3%
An online genealogical reference service (e.g., replies to online genealogical queries) 39.9% 48.4% 11.7%
A subscription to the Genealogy and Family History 52.8% 34.5% 12.7%

Question 4

Would you be interested in participating in the following Canadian Genealogy Centre projects as a volunteer?

Response Yes No Did not answer
Development of online databases (e.g., census index, passenger lists) 47.0% 44.4% 8.6%
Genealogy courses 16.9% 70.3% 12.8%
Production of specialized guides (e.g., relating to Aboriginal genealogy) 12.6% 73.6% 13.8%
Online genealogical reference service (e.g., replies to online genealogical queries) 33.0% 55.4% 11.6%
Online discussion group with specialists in genealogy 30.8% 56.2% 13.0%
National genealogical resource directory 37.9% 50.3% 11.8%

Question 5

In your opinion, what is the most important element to ensure quality control of Genealogy and Family History content?

Response Percentage
The development of national standards for various kinds of content (e.g., national standards for indexing and describing content that is available through the Genealogy and Family History) 51.1%
The development of a process to ensure compliance with various pieces of legislation concerning access to information and privacy 7.0%
The development of a protocol for participating in the Genealogy and Family History
(e.g., commercial advertising, partnership and funding criteria)
The development of a code of ethics relating to lobbying, conflict of interest, etc. 6.5%
I do not know 22.4%

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