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Use this form to ask a specific question about genealogical sources and/or military personnel records held at Library and Archives Canada.

Important Note: You cannot use this online form for requests for military personnel records from 1918 to the present, including the Second World War. Those inquiries must be signed and sent by mail or fax.

Before continuing, please consult the following sections of our Website:

How to Begin (recommended for beginners)
What to Search: Topics ( e.g. military, immigration, census, etc)
Search for Ancestors (databases)

Because the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths is not a federal jurisdiction, Library and Archives Canada does not hold those documents and does not issue certificates. You must contact the appropriate provincial office.

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Note that some replies will be sent by mail, when enclosures are necessary.

For your convenience, you may book appointments of up to 30 minutes with a LAC genealogy specialist. These appointments can take place:

  • in person at 395 Wellington Street, in Ottawa;
  • by telephone; or
  • via Skype (Download Freeware).

Please use the Question text box in this form to request your appointment. Include the following information:

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  • a preferred method (on-site appointment, Skype, or telephone)
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LAC staff is available by appointment to assist you in your research. However, we are unable to do your family tree or conduct extensive research on your behalf.

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