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Genealogy and Family History

Genealogy in the Pack

Requirements for the Genealogy Badge


To earn this badge, complete the first requirement and any four of the remaining requirements:

1. To the best of your ability, complete a family tree going back five generations. Don't be afraid to ask members of your family for help!

2. Identify family members who:

a) were in Scouting either in Canada or elsewhere in the world; or
b) served in the Canadian military or for another country.

Ask them about their experiences. Record two or more experiences you learned from your discussion.

3. With the help of a family member, prepare a recipe that has been served in your family for generations. Share with your Six or Pack, and describe the preparation steps (e.g., beat eggs, add spices, cook in oven).

4. Present a family custom that may also be a cultural custom. This custom can be the celebration of a holiday or a major step in your life. You should be able to tell your Six or Pack where this tradition comes from and when it was started.

5. Present a game or hobby that was played or practiced by a third-generation family member to your Pack. (This game should not be a commonly practiced Canadian sport, hobby or activity.)

6. Talk to your second and third generation family members, and find out what types of outdoor activities they did when they were your age (e.g., camping, canoeing, sailing). What challenges did they have in doing them? Did they go anywhere special? Compare the equipment you use today to the types of equipment they used.

7. Present an object or item from another generation that is, in some way, linked to Scouting. Some examples might include: badge(s), a part of their uniform (e.g., a necker), awards, photos, or books.