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Abbreviations used in English records

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Abreviations Meaning
ab, abt about
anc ancestor
b born
bach bachelor
bap, bapt baptised
bd, bur buried
bro brother
ca, c circa
cem cemetery
ch church
ch children
chr christened
co, cnty county
d died
dau daughter
dec deceased
desc descendant
dist district
d/o daughter of
dy died young
dy day
est estate
esq esquire
et ux and wife
et uxor and wife
f, fa father
fam family
g, gr grand
gd granddaughter
gdprts grandparents
gdfa, gf grandfather
gdma, gm grandmother
genr generation
gg great-great
ggd great granddaughter
ggs great grandson
gr great, grand
grd granddaughter
grs grandson
grch grandchildren
gs grandson, gravestone
illegit illegitimate
inf infant, infancy
info information
jr, jnr junior
k killed
kn known
m married
m. bn marriage banns
mo, mos month, months
mo, mos mother, mothers
nd no date
obit obituary
ped pedigree
posth posthumous
prts parents
s son, spouse
s&h son and heir
sis sister
s/o son of
spr spinster
sr senior
unkn unknown
unm unmarried
tn town
tp, twp township
w wife
wd widow
wdr widower
wk week
w/i with issue
wo/i without issue
yeo yeoman
yr year
yst youngest

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