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Researching Your Aboriginal Ancestry at Library and Archives Canada

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Part I of this guide provides background information on how to research aboriginal ancestry in records located at Library and Archives Canada. Several series of relevant records are described; the utility of each series will vary according to the individual researcher's needs. References for complementary sources of information are also provided, along with suggested readings to provide additional historical or sociological context.

Part II of this guide offers step-by-step strategies for using the Library and Archives Canada Internet site for doing aboriginal genealogical research. ArchiviaNet provides access to a variety of archival holdings, which can be searched by theme or type of document.

A bibliography of suggested readings and Internet addresses for sources in other institutions are included at the end of the guide.

Publications mentioned throughout this guide may be available at Library and Archives Canada for on-site consultation or, through inter-institutional loan, at your local library. Copying from publications is subject to copyright legislation. As the archival holdings grow or the Web site changes, this guide will be revised as required.

Databases and Web pages mentioned in this guide are underlined. Web site addresses are hyperlinks.

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