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Researching Your Aboriginal Ancestry at Library and Archives Canada

Part I: Researching Your Aboriginal Genealogy at Library and Archives Canada

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Employees of the Canadian Forces and the Federal Public Service since 1918

Library and Archives Canada holds records and personnel files of former employees of the Canadian Armed Forces and of the federal public service since the end of the First World War. These files are restricted in accordance with the Privacy Act, and access to personal information about a living individual requires that person's written consent.

First full-blooded Indian to Enlist PA-007378


First full-blooded Indian to Enlist.
Library and Archives Canada,

If the individual has been dead for less than 20 years, limited information may be released; however, proof of death and relationship must be provided. A death certificate, newspaper obituary or funeral director's notice is accepted as proof of death. For proof of relationship, you must provide a document that clearly indicates the relationship between yourself and the person in the records. Both names must appear on the document. A newspaper obituary, baptismal certificate or full-form birth certificate is acceptable, but a wallet-sized birth certificate is not. Photocopies are acceptable.

There are no restrictions on access to information relating to an individual who has been dead for more than 20 years; however, proof of death is required if the individual did not die while serving with the Canadian Forces.

For further information, see the section of the Library and Archives Canada Web site related to military and civilian.

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