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Saskatchewan was originally part of the vast territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company in 1670. Over the following two centuries, Native Peoples, fur traders and missionaries settled here.

On November 19, 1869, the Government of Canada acquired all the land belonging to the Hudson's Bay Company, commonly called Rupert's Land.

In 1870, the area between the province of Manitoba and the Canadian Rockies was organized into territories henceforth known as the Northwest Territories. The arrival of the railway in the mid-1880s opened these territories to mass settlement.

Until 1930, many immigrants came here from eastern Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Europe. Saskatchewan became a province on September 1, 1905.

Researchers interested in ancestors who lived in Saskatchewan use the main types of genealogical sources. A lot of information about these ancestors can be found, among other places, in land records and especially homestead records.

Provincial Websites


Regina Public Library

Saskatchewan Archives Board
[]. The guide Family History Research
[] presents the main sources and how to do research in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Archival Information Network
[] Saskatchewan Genealogical Society []

Saskatchewan Legislative Library

Saskatoon Public Library

Société historique de la Saskatchewan

The official provincial government Web site
[] contains useful information about the province and its historic records.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
[] allows you to learn more about the history, geography and people of Saskatchewan.

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The sections on What to Search: Topics and Genealogy Links of this site can provide more useful information about how to do genealogical research research in Saskatchewan. You can also access databases from our Directory of Canadian Genealogical Resources - AVITUS.

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You can also consult the following books:

Exploring Family History in Saskatchewan [], available in PDF format.