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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

- D -

Abbreviation Meaning
D Destroyer
D Deffered
D Dragoon Guards and Dragoons Regimental Number Prefix
DFMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
DHist Director Historical Section
D(iv)HQ Divisional Headquarters
D/C Depth Charge
D/DEMS Director of Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
D/DSR Deputy Director of Scientific Research
D/DWT Deputy Director of Warfare and Training
D/F Direction Finding / Finder
D/G Degaussing
D/JAP Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet
D/WRCNS Director of Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
d/wt Dead-weight
D:CTRCASC Drivers: Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DA Director of Accounts (Air)
DA Distributing Authority
DA Disturbance Allowance
DA Dominion Arsenal
DA&PC Division Ammunition & Petrol Company
DA&QMG Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General
DA/S Director of Anti-submarine
DAAG Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General
DAAG(Sigs) Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Signals)
DAANDQMG Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General
DAAP Dependent's Allowance & Assigned Pay, Treasury Office
DAB Dependent's Allowance Board
DAB12 Dependent's Allowance Board Claimant's Statement
DAB28 Dependent's Allowance Board (Medical Examiner's Report) Statutory Declaration
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column
DAC Divisional Ammunition Company
DACRCAMC Division Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DAD(Svy) Deputy Assistant Director of Surveys
DAD(Tn) Deputy Assistant Director of Transportation
DADAPS Deputy Assistant Director Army Postal Services
DADCS Deputy Assistant Director of Chaplain Services
DADES Deputy Assistant Director of Engineer Services
DADMS Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnances Services
DADR Deputy Assistant Director of Roads
DADST Deputy Assistant Director Supply & Transport
DADVS Deputy Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
DAE Director of Aeronautical Engineering
DAEF Distributing Authority, Eastern Fleet
DAEM Distributing Authority, Eastern Mediterranean
DAFM Director of Air Force Manning
DAFR Director of Air Force Recruiting
DAG Deputy Adjutant General
DAG(M) Deputy Adjutant General (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
DAGB Defended Area Goose Bay
DAI Director of Aeronautical Inspection
DAL&KINGC Dalhousie & King Contingent
DAO Director of Air Organization
DAO District Audit Office
DAO Dental Associate
DAOD Defence Administrative Order and Directive
DAP Director of Air Personnel
DAP Divisional Aid Post
DAP(P2) P.2 Branch, Director of Air Personnel (Civilian Personnel Administration)
DAPA Director of Air Personnel Administration
DAPS Director of Airmen Personnel Services
DAQMG Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
DAR Designation of Acting Ranks
DAS Director of Air Signals
DASD Director of Air Staff Duties
DASO Deputy Armament Supply Officer
DASRS Director of Air Sea Rescue Services
DAT Director of Air Training
DataP Data Processor
DB Discharge Badge (For Services Rendered)
DBS Distressed British Seaman
DBURCASC Division Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DC Director of Contracts
DC Duty Captain
DCAS Deputy Chief of the Air staff
DCAS Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Section
DCASEU(AS) Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Section Entertainment Unit (Army Show)
DCC District Cadet Camp
DCCMSC Detachment Corps, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
DCCO Deputy Chief of Combined Operations
DCCR Depot Canadian Cavalry Regiment
DCCRCAMC Division Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DCCWAC Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps
DCCWAC(CSW) Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps (Composite Stores Wing)
DCDRCASC Debert Camp Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DCDS Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff
DCE(PB) Deputy Chief Engineer (Permanent Bridges)
DCE(Wks)(Adm)(Rear) Deputy Chief Engineer (Works) (Administration) (Rear)
DCFC Detachment Canadian Forestry Corps
DCGS Deputy Chief of the General Staff
DCIA Deputy Chief Inspector of Armament
DCLI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
DCM District Court Martial
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
DCMC District Course Methods of Coaching
DCNS Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
DCO District Cadet Orders
DCO Deputy Commanding Officer
DCOR Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles (28th Armoured Regiment)
DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCP Director of Civilian Personnel
DCRCASC District Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DCRCH 6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars
DCRE Deputy Commander, Royal Engineers
DCS Damage Control School
DCS District Chaplain Services
DCS Daily Casualty Summary
DCS Director of Chaplain Services
DCSO District Camp School Orders
DCT Director Combined Training
DCTS District Course Training Staff
DCVM District Course Vehicle Maintenance
DCW&S Director Chemical Warfare & Smoke
DD Destroyer Division (U.S.)
DD District Depot
DD Duty Discipline
DD Deputy Director
DD Discharge Dead
DD(A)WD District Depot (Active) Windsor Detachment
DD(NRMA) District Depot (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
DD(Svy) Deputy Director of Surveys
DD(tanks) Duplex-Drive (amphibious)
DDAD Deputy Director of Aircraft Development
DDArmD Deputy Director of Armament Development (Air)
DDC Division Dental Company
DDCDC Dental Detachment Canadian Dental Corps
DDED Deputy Director of Engine Development (Air)
DDEM Director(ate) of Design, Equipment and Mechanization
DDES Deputy Director of Engineer Services
DDH Destroyer, Helicopter Carrying
DDHS Deputy Director Historical Section
DDMO(O) Deputy Director of Military Operations (Overseas)
DDMP Deputy Director of Maintenance Plans
DDMS Deputy Director of Medical Services
DDPD District Depot Provost Detachment
DDRD Deputy Director of Radio Development (Air)
DDS Director Dental Services
DDSM Deputy Director of Service Maintenance (Air)
DDSP Deputy Director of Supply Planning (Air)
DDSS Deputy Director of Supply Services (Air)
DDTCO Deputy Director Training Combined Operations
DDVET Deputy Director of Victualling, Eastern Theatre
DDWB District Depot Wolseley Barracks
DE Convoy Escort Vessel
DE Destroyer Escort Vessel (U.S.)
DE Deckhand
DE&CD Director Electrical & Communication Designs
DEAL Deal Division, Royal Marines
Dec Decoration
DED Director(ate) of Engineer Development
DEE Director of Electrical Engineering
Def Defence
Defensor National Defence Headquarters (Address used in telegrams)
DEMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
DEMTech Dental Equipment Maintenance Technician
DenbighYeo Denbigh Yeomanry
DEngrs Director(ate) of Engineers
DENT Dental
DentA Dental Association
DentA Dental Assistant
DentClA Dental Clinic Assistant
Dents Director Dental Services
Dents(Air) Staff Officer Dental Services (Air)
DentThr Dental Therapist
DEO Direct Entry Officer
DEO District Engineer Officer
DEOVR Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
DEP Director Engineering and Personnel
Dep Depot
Dept Department
DERCA District Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
DERCAHAD District Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Halifax Armament District
DES Director of Engineer Services
DES Drummer Sergeant
Des Destroyers
DESOIL Diesel Oil (U.S.)
Desp Mentioned in Despatches
Despatches Mentioned in Despatches
Det Detachment
Detn Detention
Det'n Detention
DEU Distinctive Environmental Uniform
DevonR Devonshire Regiment
DF Destroyer Flotilla
DF Direction Finding
DFASS Director of Fleet Accounting, Supply and Secretariat
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFD Detailed for Duty
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
DG Degaussing
DG Delivery Group
DG Degaussing Gear
DG Director General
DG Dragoon Guards
DGAD Director General Arsenals Division
DGC&AA Director General Coast and Anti-Aircraft Defences
DGDS Director General Dental Services
DGES Director General of Engineer Services
DGHS Director General Health Services
DGISD Director-General India Stores Department
DGMC Director General (Military Careers)
DGMS Director General of Medical Services
Dgns Dragoons
DGO Degaussing Officer (Naval)
DGofMS Director General of Medical Services
DGPA Director General Personnel Administration
DGPA Director General (Public Affairs)
DGPandI Director-General of Ports and Lights
DGPCO Director General Postings and Careers Officers
DGPCOR Director General Postings and Careers Other Ranks
DGRC Director General (Reserves and Cadets)
DGSP Director General (Strategic Planning)
DGSR Director-General of Shipbuilding and Repairs
DH Depot Hussars
DH Deck Hand
DH(No) His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship " Scotian", Base Files
DHD Director of Harbour Defence
DHD Deck Hand
DHGMR Drill Hall Guarding Maisonneuve Regiment
DHH Directorate of History and Heritage
DHist Director Historical Section
DHMD District Headquarters Manning Depot OR Military District
DHQCFC District Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
DHQS District Headquarters Staff
DHQSS District Headquarters Subordinate Staff
DHS Director of Historical Section
DI Drill Instructor
DI Daily Inspection (Vehicle)
DIB "D" Infantry Battalion
DID Detail Issue Depot (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps)
Died of W Died of Wounds
Diem Day
Diet Dietician
DIList Dangerously Ill List
DIN Defence Information Network
DIO Director of Internment Operations
DIPC Director International Plans Coordination
Dir Director
DirGen Director General
DIRMITRAIN Director of Military Training
DIRU Division Infantry Reinforcement Unit
DIS Division Intelligence Section
dis Discharged
disch Discharged
Discip Disciplinarian
Disemb Disembarked
DISO Defence Information Services Organization
Dist District
DistEngrs District Engineers
Distr District
DIT Director Individual Training
Div Divisional
Div Division
Div Divisional Ammunition Column
Div(nl) Division(al)
DivBrPl(Tp) Divisional Bridge Platoon (Troop)
DivSig Divisional Signal(s) (Company)
DivStr Divisional Strength
DJAG Deputy Judge Advocate General
DLabTech Dental Laboratory Technician
DLADRCOC Division Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DLCO Deck Landing Control Officer
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DLOY Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
DLP Director of Electrical Personnel
DLS Dominion Land Surveyor
DM Light Mine Layer (High Speed) (U.S.)
DM Defence Medal
DM Deputy Minister
DM Driver of Mechanized Transport
DM&A Director(ate) of Mechanization and Artillery
DM(A) Deputy Minister (Air)
DM(N) Deputy Minister (Naval)
DMech Driver Mechanic
DMGO Deputy Master General of Ordnance
DMH Dartmouth Military Hospital
DMHRCAMC Debert Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DMHRCAMC Dundurn Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DMI Director Military Intelligence
Dmin Deputy Minister
Dmn Draughtsman
DMNA Director Manning and Naval Assistant
DmnAE Draughtsman Aeronautical Engineering
DmnCE Draughtsman Construction Engineering
DmnGA Draughtsman Graphic Arts
DMO Director(ate) of Military Operations
DMO&I Director(ate) of Military Operations and Intelligence
DMO&P Director(ate) of Military Operations and Planning
Dmr Drummer
DMRD Director of Medical Research and Development
DMS Department of Munitions and Supply
DMS Driver Maintenance Staff
DMS Driver Mechanics School
DMS Mine Sweeper (High Speed) (U.S.)
DMS Director of Merchant Seaman
DMS Director of Medical Services
DMS(Air) Director of Medical Services (Air)
DMT Director(ate) of Military Training
DMT District Mounted Troops
DMT&SD Directorate of Military Training and Staff Duties
DNA Director of Naval Appropriations
DNA Director of Naval Accounts
DNC Director Naval Construction
DNC Director of Naval Communications (U.S.)
DNCSEAC Deputy Naval Commander South East Asia Command
DNCXF Deputy Naval Commander Expeditionary Force
DND Department of National Defence
DNE Director Naval Education
DNES Director of Naval Engineering Service
DNHS Director of the Naval Historical Section
DNI Director Naval Information
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence & Trade
DNI and P Director of Naval Intelligence and Plans
DNK Date Not Known
DnkyMn Donkeyman
DNLO Dutch Naval Liaison Officer
DNO Destroyer Navigating Officer
DNO Director Naval Ordinance
DNO Director of naval Ordnance (Torpedoes Mines)
DNOT Director of Naval Operations and Training
DNP Director of Naval Personnel
DNPA Director of Naval Pay Accounting
DNR Director of Naval Reserves
DNS Director of Naval Stores
DNS Director of Naval Services
DNS Dragoons
DNSO Deputy Naval Store Officer
DNT Director of Naval Training
DO Daily Order (Same as Part II Orders)
DO Dental Officer
DO District Orders
DO Daily Order
DO Daily Order (Of a Unit)
DO Duty Officer
DOC District Officer Commanding
DOC Driver Operation Course
DOC Died of Other Causes
DOC District Officer Commanding
DOCO Drafting Officer Combined Operations
DOD Director Operations Division
DOD Director of Operations Division
DOD Died of Disease
Dof P Director of Plans
DofCornLI Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry
DofLancsOY Duke of Lancashire's Own Yeomanry
DOFP Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DofP Director of Plans
DofPR Director of Public Relations (Air)
DofPR Director of Public Relations (Army)
DofT Director of Trade
DofT&M Director(ate) of Transport and Movements
DofUERE Director of Underwater Experimental Research Establishment
DofW Died of Wounds
DofW Duration of War
DOH Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
DomAff Dominion Affairs
Dominion High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom (Address Used in Telegrams)
DomOrthHosp Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
DoO&R Director of Organization & Recruiting
DOR Director of Operational Research
DORA Defence of the Realm Act
DOrg Director(ate) of Organization
DOrg Director of Organization
DorsetR Dorset Regiment
DorsetY Dorset Yeomanry
DOS Director Ordnance Services
DOS(A) Director of Ordnance Services (Administration)
DOS(GS) Director of Ordnance Services (General Stores)
DOS(TS) Director of Ordnance Services (Technical Stores)
DOTP Dental Officer Training Plan
DOW Duration of war
DOW Died of Wounds
DP District Paymaster
DP Defence Platoon
DP Developmental Period
DPA Director of Procurement (Aircraft)
DPB Defence Purchasing Board
DPCRCASC Depot Pacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DPCRCASC Division Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DPD Director of Plans Division
DPE Director of Procurement (Equipment) (Air)
DPED Director Professional Education and Development
DPersServ Director(ate) of Personal Services
DPGRCOC Detachment Proving Grounds, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DPI District Pay Instruction
DPM Deputy Provost Marshal
DPO Director of Plans and Operations (Air)
DPofG Defended Port of Gaspe
DPofS Defended Port of Shelburne
DPR Director of Postings and Records (Air)
DPR Director of Personnel Records
DPS Director of Personnel Selection
DPSE District Paymaster Sergeant
DPTE Drummer Private
DPW Director of Prisoners of War / Department of Public Works
D-QLine Drocourt-Quéant Line
DQMG Deputy Quartermaster General
DQS Director(ate) of Quartermaster General Services
DR Dead Reckoning (U.S.)
DR Despatch Rider
DR Director Records
DR Officer In Charge Records
DR Dresser
Dr Driver
DR(WD) Director of Records (War Diaries)
DRAE Director of Royal Aircraft Establishment
DraftingEO Drafting Engineer Officer
DRB Division Recce Battalion
DRC District Recruiting Company
DRC District Rest Camp
DRD Director Reserve Divisions
DRD District Recruiting Detachment
DRD&MRU District Recruiting Detachment & Mobile Recruiting Units
DREE Director of Research and Experimental Establishment
Dresser Dresser of Wounds
DRET Directorate of Recruiting, Education and Training
DRI Driver
Drill Coy Drilling Company
DRLS Despatch Rider Letter Service
DRO Daily Routine Order
DRO District Record Officer
DRO District Routine Orders
DRO Divisional Routing Order
DROCAD Divisional Routine Orders Canadian Armed Division
DRPATAA&TS Detention Rooms Port Arthur the Armouries Administration & Training Staff
DRS District Recruiting Staff
Drs District Recruiting Services
DRS Divisional Rest Station
DRS(LC)RCCS Despatch Rider Section (Light Car) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
DRTD District Recruit Training Depot
DRU Drummer
DRV Driver
DS Dutch Ship
DS Dressing Station
DS"Z"F Dental Section "Z" Force
DS&TO District Supply & Transport Officer
DS(Records) Discharge Section (Records)
DSA Director of Supply Administration (Air)
DSA Draw Subsistence Allowance
DSANF Director South African Naval Forces
DSB Director Shipbuilding
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DSC District Shipyard Controller
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DSC(L) Director of Small Craft (Levant)
DSCACOW/SRCOC Divisional Section Canadian Armoured Corps Ordinance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DSCR Department of Soldiers Civil Re-establishment
DSCRCASC Division Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DSD Director Signals Division
DSD District Sub-Depot
DSD Director(ate) of Staff Duties
DSD Desirable Sailing Date
DSDF Director of Seaward Defence Force
DSG Deputy Surgeon General
DSISCIC District Security Intelligence Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
DSM Drill Sergeant Major
DSMD District Staff Military District
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DSO District School Orders
DSO District Supply Officer
DSO Duty Signal Officer
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DSO Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
DSP Director of Seaman Personnel
DSPC Divisional Signals Pacific Command
DSPD Deputy Superintendent Pembroke Dock
DSQ Dockyard Sick Quarters
DSR Director of Ship Repairs
DSRC Division Section Reception Camp
DSRCCS District Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
DSS Director of Special Services
DSSD Director of Supply Staff Duties (Air)
DSSRCOC District Stores Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DST Director(ate) of Supplies and Transport
DSTO(X) Divisional Sea Transport Officer, Alexandria
DTC Discharge Transit Centre
DTD Director of Trade Division
DTM Director of Technical Maintenance (Air)
DTNA Director Training and Naval Assistant
DTO Director of Technical Division (Naval)
DTPG Draw Trades Pay Group
DTPR Director of Training Plans and Requirements (Air)
DTR Director(ate) of Technical Research
DTSS Dockyard Tower Signal Station
DTT Director of Technical Training (Air)
DTTC Dental Technical Training Centre
DU Discrimination Unit
DUKW An amphibious six-wheeled vehicle of six-ton capacity
DurhLI Durham Light Infantry
DV Diver
DVA Department of Veterans Affair
DVGofC Detachment Veterans Guard of Canada
Dvr Driver
DvrSigs Driver Signals
DW Director of Works
DWA Director(ate) of Works and Accommodation
DWB Director of Works and Building
DWC Director(ate) of Works and Construction
DWD Director of Welding Development
DWR Director of Weapons and Tactics
DWS Director of Women's Service
DWT Director of Warfare and Training
DWTF District Welfare Trust Fund
DWTO District Weapons Training Officer
DYRCH 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars