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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

- E -

Abbreviation Meaning
E East
EinC Engineer in Chief
E&M (Coy) Electrical and Mechanical (Company)
E&SCID Eastern & Southern Commands Infantry Depot
EA Emergency Aerodromes
EA Air Electrical Technician
EA Electrical Technician (Air)
EA Electrical Artificer
EA Enemy Aircraft
EA Enemy Action
EA (No) Distinguishing letters on files of Permanent Joint Board on Defence
EA, 1c (or 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c) Electrical Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Class)
EAC Eastern Air Command
EACC Enemy Alien Concentration Camp
EAFC Empty Anti-Freeze Containers
EAM Executive Assistant to the Honourable Minister
EAM/BMO Electrical Anti-mining Base Maintenance Officer
EAMGO Executive Assistant to the Master General of Ordnance
EARS Enemy Alien Receiving Station
EATS Equipment Accounting Training School
EBSRVR East Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles
EC Eastern Canada
EC Educational Company
Ech Echelon
ECMCourse Electronics Countermeasures Course
ECr Engineer Commander
ED Efficiency Decoration
ED Equipment Depot
ED Excused Duties
ED&T Exempt From Drill and Training
EDC Elementary Driving Corps
EdmFus Edmonton Fusiliers
EDR Radar Display Room
EdServ Educational Services
EDSRCASC Echelon Division Supply, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
EE Electrical Engineer
EE Exercise Eskimo
EEAD Chief Examiner of Armament Design
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EERCE Experimental Establishment, Royal Canadian Engineers
EES Eastern Examination Service
EF Eastern Fleet
EF Edmonton Fusiliers
EFC Expeditionary Forces Canteens
EFERCCS Eastern Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
EFM Expeditionary Force Message
EFTS Elemental Flying Training School(s)
EGSTech Electrical Generating Systems Technician
EGSUP Eastern Group Supply Council
EHU Engineer Holding Unit
EI Essential Industry
EInC Engineer-in-Chief Naval Service
EinC Engineer in Chief
EINLO Royal Indian Naval Liaison Officer
EIS Equipment Issue Scale
EISIS East Indies Merchant Shipping Intelligence
EL Embarkation Leave
EL Air Artificer (Electrics)
ElA/Lieut -Cdr Electrical Acting Lieutenant-Commander
ELanR East Lancashire regiment
ElCr Electrical Commander
Elect Electrician
ElL Electrical Lieutenant
ElLCr Electrical Lieutenant Commander
ElMTech Electro-Mechanical Technician
ELOC Essential Level of Capability
ElSL Electrical Sub-Lieutenant
EM Efficiency Medal
EM Electrician's Mate
EM Engineering Mechanic
EM Electrical Mechanic
Emb Embarked
EmbL Embarkation Leave
EmbLve Embarkation Leave
EMH Edmunston Military Hospital
EMH Esquimalt Military Hospital
EMHRCAMC Edmonton Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
EMHRCAMC Espanola Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
Emp Employed
Emp Employment
Empl’d Employed
EN Ensign
Engn Engineman
Engr Engineer
Engr(s) Engineer(s)
Engrs Director of Engineer Services
Ens Ensign
ENSA Entertainments National Services Association
ent Entitled
EO Engineer Officer
EO Enabling Objective
EOFS Engineer Officer French Ships
EOP Engineer Officer Personnel (Naval)
EOR Eastern Ontario Regiment
EORCE Executive Officer, Royal Canadian Engineers
EORD Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
EP Employment Platoon
EP Estimated Position
EPB Exercise Polar Bear
EPZ Enter Promotion Zone
Eqpm.Ass't Equipment Assistant
Eqpt Equipment
Equipt(N) Equipment Division (Naval)
ER Elgin Regiment
ER Essex Regiment
ER Engineering Technician
ER Engine Room Artificer
ERA(A) Engine Room Artificer (Apprentice)
ERA, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c) Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
ERO Emergency Repair Officer
ERofYorkY East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ERRatings Engine Room Ratings
ERU Engineer Reinforcement Unit
ES Emergency Service
ES&W Engineer Services & Works
ES&WCoy Engineer Survey and Works Company
ESBD Engineer Stores Base Depot
ESCMFGHQ Educational Services Central Mediterranean Force General Headquarters
ESO Embarkation Staff Office
ESR Essex Scottish Regiment
EssexR Essex Regiment
EssexYeo Essex Yeomanry
ESSRCE Engineer Stores Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
Est Estimates
Est Establishment
Estab Establishment
ESurrR East Surrey Regiment
ET Electrical Technician
ETA Estimated / Expected Time of Arrival (U.S.)
ETC Embarkation Transit Camp
ETD Expected Time of Departure (U.S.)
ETech Electrical Technician
ETech(A) Electrical Technician (Air)
ETOUSA European Theatre of Operations, U. S. A.
ETP Estimated Time of Departure (U.S.)
ETQMS Engineer Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
ETU Embarkation Transit Unit
EU Entertainment Unit
Evac Evacuated
Ex Expeditionary
EXFCECAN Expeditionary Force Canteen
Exp Expeditionary
Exptl Experimental
Ext Aff External Affairs
External Canadian Department of External Affairs (Address used in telegrams)
ExVes Examination Vessels
EYorkR East Yorkshire Regiment