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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

- J -

Abbreviation Meaning
J Jewish
JABCA Joint Atomic, Biological and Chemical Defensive Warfare School
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAN Joint Army & Navy Radio Procedure
JATP Joint Air Training Plan
JEW Jewish
JFHQ Joint Force Headquarters
JIMRTTRG Job Inspector Mechanical Relations Transportation Training
JINSTOR Job Instructor
JIX Unclassified Ships (U.S)
JLS Japanese Language School
JLS Junior Leader's School
JLTC Junior Leader's Training Centre
JMC Johnson Method of Coaching
JMHRCAMC Joliette Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
JMT Job Methods Training
Joiner Joiner
JP Joint Planners
JR Joliette Regiment
JRT Job Relations Training
JSC Joint Services Committee
JSM Joint Staff Mission
JSU Junior Sergeant
JTC Jasper Training Camp
JTF2 Joint Task Force 2
JWEC Junior War Establishments Committee
JWPS Joint War Production Staff