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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

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Abbreviation Meaning
T Training
T Torpedo
T Territorial
T&DU Trials & Demonstration Unit
T&SWCACTE Technical & Schools Wing, Canadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment
T&T Through & Through
T(B)TC Temporary (Basic) Training Centre
T(No)B Treasury Board Minutes
T/ Temporary (appointed rank)
T/A Torpedo Aircraft
T/P Teleprinter
TA Torpedo Armourer
TABTD Vaccine Against Typhoid, Paratyphoid A & B, Tetanus & Diphtheria
TAC Tactical Air Command
TAF Tactical Air Force
TAF Temporary Air Facilities
TAG Trinidad-Guantanamo Convoy
TAGS Telegraphist Air Gunner's School
TankAux Tankers (Auxiliary)
TankFA Tankers Fleet Auxiliary
TASC Training Area Selection Committee
TA-TkBRCA Training Anti-Tank Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
TATP Technical Apprentice Training Plan
TBG Training Brigade Group
TBW/SRCOC Training Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
TC Training Centre
TC Transit Camp
TC Tunnelling Company
TC Torpedo Coxswain
TCAC(CO) The Canadian Armoured Corps (Corps Orders)
TCADSRCCS Troop Canadian Armoured Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
TCCRCASC Training Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
TCHRCAMC Toronto Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
TCP Time Credit for Promotion
TCRCAMC Training Command, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
TCS Transport Conversion Squadron
TCV Troop Carrying Vehicle
TD Temporary Duty
TD Torpedo Detector
TD Training Depot
TDDEE Task Design Development Experimental Establishment
TDF Test and Development Flight
TDR Tank Delivery Regiment
TE Teamster
tech technical
TechAMed Technical Assistant Medical
Tel Telegraphist
Tel Telegram
Tel Telephone
Tel(SO) Telegraphist (Special Operator)
Tele Telegraph
Tele Telegraphic
Tele Telephone
TelMSupt(A) Telecommunications Maintenance Superintendent (Air)
TelMSupt(G) Telecommunications Maintenance Superintendent (Ground)
TEO Torpedo Engineer Officer
TEREME Training Establishment, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (British Unit)
TES Technical and Engineer School
TF Task Force
TF Territorial Force
TFC Time of 1st Gall (U.S.)
TFCRCE Training Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
TFEM Territorial Force Efficiency Medal
TFNS Territorial Force Nursing Service
TFRRCA Training Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
TFWM Territorial Force War Medal
TG Task Group
TGM Torpedo Gunner's Mate
TgTech Telegraph Technician
TH Trinidad-Halifax convoy
THCP Tin Hats Concert Party
THGHRCAMC The Horseman General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
THI Time Handed In
THU Temporary Holding Unit
THV Trinity House Vessel
TI Technique of Instruction
TI Torpedo/Anti-Submarine Instructor
TID Tour of Instructional Duty
TIU Training Incoming Units
Tk Tank
tk Tank Delivery Regiment
Tk(s) Tank(s)
TL Trade Level
TLAABRCA Training Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
TLC Tank Landing Craft
Tlr Tailor
TLTS Technical Landline Training School
TM Trench Mortar
TMB Trench Mortar Battery
TMCA Terrace Military Camp Area
TMH Toronto Military Hospital
TMH Tracadie Military Hospital
TMHRCAMC Terrace Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
TMR The Midland Regiment
Tnig Tunnelling
TO Training Officer
TO Transport Officer or Torpedo Officer
TO Torpedo Officer
TO Telegraph Operator
TO Transport Officer
TOD Time of Despatch or Time of Delivery (U.S.)
TOET Test of Elementary Training
TOO Time of Origin
TOp Teletype Operator
topo topographic(al)
TOR Time of Receipt (U.S.)
TOR(T) The Ontario Regiment (Tank)
TORP Torpedo (U.S.)
TOS Taken on Strength
TOS Terms of Service
Tot Total
TP Temporary Pay
TP Trumpeter
TP Training Plan
Tp(s) Troop(s)
TPCCourse Telecommunications Performance Checker Course
TPDCPC Training Provost Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
TPG Temporary Parade Ground
Tpr Trooper
Tps Troops
Tpt Transport
Tptr Trumpeter
TQ Tradesmens Qualification
TQ&E Trade Qualifications and Employment
TQMS Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
TR Training Records
TR Trooper
TR Training Reserve
Tr Training
Trans Transferred
Transf Transferred
TransSqn Transport Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
Trav Travel
TRE Telecommunications Research Establishment
TRE Temporary Reserve Employment
Tres(Army) Chief Treasury Officer (Army)
Tres(Navy) Chief Treasury Officer (Naval Services)
TRG Training
trg Training Centre
TrgO Training Officer
TrgVes Training Vessels
Trir Trawler
TrngCoy Training Company
TROF Transport Officer
TRR Three Rivers Regiment
Trshp Troop Ships
TRU Trumpeter
TRV Torpedo Recovery Vessel
TS Trade School
TS Top Secret
TS Transport Specials
TS(Records) Trainees Section
TSBadge Trained Soldier's Badge
TSDS Two Speed Destroyer Sweep
TSDSRCCS Toronto Section Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
Tsfr Transfer
TSM Troop Sergeant Major
TSO Technical Staff Officer
TSR Torpedo Spotting Reconnaissance (Aircraft)
TSR Trained Soldier Regiment
TSR Transport Special Reserve
TSR(MG) Toronto Scottish Regiment (Machine Gun)
TSU Technical Signals Unit
TSV Torpedo School Vessel
TTC Temporary Training Centre
TTC Temporary Transit Camp
TTS Technical Training Schools
TTS Trades Training School
TU Tactical Urgency
TU Task Unit
TunCoy Tunnelling Company
Turco Turn Round Control (Overlord)
TVC Thames Valley Camp
TW Transport Warrant
TW Travel Warrant
TZ Tyneside Division