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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

- X -

Abbreviation Meaning
X-1 Prisoners of war (verified)
X-10 All reinforcement personnel attached away from reinforcement units under appropriate authority
X-10LGLB X-10 List General List B
X-11 All Red Cross and Auxiliary services personnel
X-12 At depot awaiting discharge
X-1POW(D) X-1 Prisoners of War (Dieppe)
X-2 All ranks under sentence of detention, imprisonment or penal servitude - except in cases where sentence is suspended before committal - and all ranks under sentence of field punishment when such sentence is required to be served elsewhere than the unit to
X-3 All ranks evacuated on medical grounds behind Regimental Aid Posts
X-4 Unposted reinforcements in the theatre of war belonging to the unit or corps
X-4L X-4 List
X-4LFHQ(CMF) X-4 List Formation Headquarters (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-5 All ranks on courses of twenty-one days or over in the theatre of war
X-6 All ranks posted as missing
X-7 All ranks seconded from the Canadian Army to other Allied Forces in the theatre of war
X-8 All non-effective held at Base Reinforcement Units whose return to the UK has been authorized
X-8L21AG X-8 List 21 Army Group
X-8LCMF&AAI&AFHQ X-8 List Central Mediterranean Force & Allied Armies in Italy & Allied Forces Headquarters
X-9 All personnel held at Base Reinforcement Units, who, for one reason or another, are not available as reinforcements and whose disposition is still to be decided
X-9L21AG S-9 List 21 Army Group
X-9LCMF&AAI&AFHQ X-9 List Central Mediterranean Force & Allied Armies in Italy & Air Force Headquarters
XB Halifax-Boston convoy
XDO Extended Defence Officer
X-L"A"RCA X-List "A" Royal Canadian Artillery
X-L(RCCS) X-List (Royal Canadian Corps of Signals)
X-L(UK)GL X-List (United Kingdom) General List
X-LCAC X-List Canadian Armoured Corps
X-LCDC X-List Canadian Dental Company
X-LCIC(CMF) X-List Canadian Intelligence Corps (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-LCMSC X-List Corps of Military Staff Clerks
X-LCoftheRCE X-List Corps of the Royal Canadian Engineers
X-LCPC X-List Canadian Postal Corps
X-LCProC X-List Canadian Provost Corps
X-LCSGHQECMFD X-List Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon, Central Mediterranean Force Detachment
X-LCWAC X-List Canadian Women's Army Corps
XLG(CMF) "X" List General (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-L-GL X-List - General List
X-LGL(O) X-List General List (Officers)
X-LGLSuppPtIIO X-List General List Supplementary Part II Orders
X-List List maintained by Units of Prisoners of War & Officers & Other Ranks who are missing due to enemy action
X-LofCL X-List of Canloan List
X-LRC X-List Red Cross
X-LRCA X-List Royal Canadian Artillery
X-LRCA(A/TkR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Anti-Tank Regiments)
X-LRCA(AAR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Anti-Artillery Regiments)
X-LRCA(MR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Medium Regiments)
X-LRCA(SR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Survey Regiments)
X-LRCAMC X-List Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
X-LRCAPC X-List Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
X-LRCAS"B" X-List Royal Canadian Artillery Section "B"
X-LRCASC X-List Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
X-LRCASCBCBRD X-List Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Battalion, Canadian Base Reinforcement Depot
X-LRCE X-List Royal Canadian Engineers
X-LRCEME X-List Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
X-LRCOC X-List Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
X-LtoC"Q"L X-List to Canadian "Q" List
X-NAL X-North Africa List
XO Executive Officer
XV Examination Vessels

- Y -

Abbreviation Meaning
Y&LR York & Lancaster Regiment
YAG District Auxiliary Vessel, Miscellaneous (U.S.)
Ydepot Overseas Transit Depot
Yeo Yeoman
Yeoof Sigs Yeoman of Signals
YeoSigs Yeoman of Signals
YF Covered Lighter (U.S.)
YFB Ferryboat
YFORCE Kingston, Jamaica Forces, British West Indies
YG Garbage Lighter (U.S.)
YISMHRCAMC York Island Station Military Hospital Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
YL "Y" List
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
YMHRCAMC Yarmouth Military Hospital Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
YMS Y Class Minesweeper or Minesweeper (Motor) (U.S.)
YMT Motor Tug (U.S.)
YN Boom Defence Vessel
YNg Gate Vessel (U.S.)
YNT Net Tender (Tug class) (U.S.)
YO Fuel Oil Barge (U.S.)
YOG Gasoline Barge/Tanker (U.S.)
YorkDns Yorkshire Dragoons
YorkHrs Yorkshire Hussars
YS Yugo-Slav Ship
YT Yukon Territory
YT Tug Harbour (U.S.)
YTEP Youth Training Employment Program
YTT Torpedo Testing Barge (U.S.)
YW Water Barges (U.S.)

- Z -

Abbreviation Meaning
ZFORCE Iceland
ZG Panama-Guantanamo convoy