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Land Petitions

Upper Canada Land Petitions (RG 1 L1 and RG1 L3): List of Microfilm Reel Numbers for Index

The index of the Upper Canada Land Petitions is available online.

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Finding Aid 1802, a nominal card index known as the Upper Canada Land Index serves both the Land Books (Minutes of the Land Committee) in RG 1 L1 and the Land Petitions in RG 1 L3, for the provinces of Upper Canada, 1791-1841, and Canada, 1841-1867. The index was microfilmed in 1981 on reels C-10810 to C-10836; supplementary entries were microfilmed in 1991, on reels H-1976 to H-1978.

From To Microfilm
AARON (Mohawk Chief) BAKER, G. W. C-10810
BAKER, George BIRD, Robert C-10811
BIRD, Thomas BROWNELL, Elizabeth C-10812
BROWNELL, Hannah CAMPBELL, Robert C-10813
CAMPBELL, Robert CLEAVELAND, Resolved C-10814
CLEAVELAND, Robert COZENS, Joshua C-10815
COZENS, John Lewis DE KOVEN, John Lewis C-10816
DELABOUGH, David ELDRIDGE, Jonathan C-10817
ELDRIDGE, Jonathan FORTIN, Charles C-10818
FORTIN, Clovis GOURLEY, Joseph C-10819
GOURLEY, William HASKETT, John C-10820
HASKETT, Massey HUFF, Abraham C-10821
HUFF, Abraham KEENAN, Denis C-10822
KEENAN, Denis LEADEN, William C-10823
LEADEN, William McCONNELL, Richard C-10824
McCONNELL, Richard McKEE, Henry C-10825
McKEE, James MARKLE, Gilbert C-10826
MARKLE, Gilbert MOUNT, Christina C-10827
MOUNT, Francis PALMER, Bernard C-10828
PALMER, Caleb PRINCE, John C-10829
PRINCE JOHN, Island of ROOTS, Henry C-10830
ROOTS, John SHANTZ, Christian, jr. C-10831
SHANTZ, Christian SOPER, Isaac C-10832
SOPHIASBURG, survey of TAYLOR, Thomas C-10833
TAYLOR, William D. WADDLE, James C-10834
WADDLE, James WILLSON, Stephen C-10835
WILLSON, Stillwell ZWICKY, Baltazar C-10836
ABBOTT, Alexander HALL, Francis H-1976
HALL, Francis PARKER, Francis H-1977
PARKER, James ZAVITZ, George H-1978

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