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Sample Email to Stakeholder Interviewees


Dear Sir/Madam

As you may know, Library and Archives Canada developed an Information Management (IM) Capacity Check (IMCC) Tool. To-date, over 30 GC departments and agencies have successfully completed an IMCC project. The goal of the IM Capacity Assessment within (Organization Name) is to self-assess the Department's current organizational IM capabilities and develop strategic plans for improving our IM capacity.

A "Project Team" comprised of (Number) (Organization) employees are conducting the assessment, with the support of the Library and Archives of Canada, and (Facilitator). An important part of the assessment process is senior executive interviews. Your input and participation in this project will be of great value to the organization.

In the coming days, (Name of person) will be contacting you to schedule an interview for (period when interviews will take place). The interview is expected to last a maximum of an hour and a half and you will receive the questions ahead of time. A representative from (Facilitator organization if external) will conduct the interview, with the assistance of a (Name of Organization) Project Team member.

Should you have any questions regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact (Name of person) at (Telephone) for further information.

Your participation in this innovative project is appreciated.


(Senior Project Champion/Sponsor)