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Outputs from Stage 3: Organization

The three key outputs from this stage include:

Retrievable Information Assets
Information assets generated in Stage 2: Collection, Creation, Receipt and Capture are of little use if they are not made retrievable. The efforts undertaken in Stage 3: Organization support each record's accessibility with an effective information classification system that has each record's corresponding descriptions and metadata in place.

Metadata is definitional data that provides information about or documentation of other data managed within an application or environment. For example, metadata would document data about data elements or attributes, (name, size, data type, etc) and data about records or data structures (length, fields, columns, etc) and data about data (where it is located, how it is associated, ownership, etc.). Metadata may include descriptive information about the context, quality and condition, or characteristics of the data. Descriptions and metadata are critical pieces of search and retrieval systems.

Access to Information and Privacy Act.

Security of Information Act.

This stage is an important precursor to all the other Stages of the Records and Information Life Cycle. Stage 3 will organize records to make it easy to locate and retrieve information when needed.