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Information Management - Information Matters

Inputs to Stage 4: Use and Dissemination

There are two key inputs that IM practitioners must consider when enabling users to access and disseminate information:

Departmental IM Plan
Your department's annual planning initiatives should include an overall Information Management plan, with supporting policies and procedures, that have been designed to support the organization's unique business activities and mandates. If one has not been created, refer to Stage 1: IM Planning Resources for some helpful information on aspects to consider when developing frameworks for use and dissemination of records and information.

Policies and Procedures for Access, Privacy and Security
There are a number of government-wide policies related to privacy and security. A number of links and resources are provided on the Stage 1: IM Planning page to help you understand issues surrounding access, privacy and security. The Department of Justice's web page provides information on Access to Information and Privacy, as well as Security of Information.