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Information Management - Information Matters

Outputs from Stage 4: Use and Dissemination

Effective Records and Information Management depends on use and sharing of information that is:

  • timely, meaning that it is ready, when it is needed, at the right time, and without delay;
  • accurate, meaning that its contents have been authenticated to ensure that the source of the information is who they say they are, and verified for accuracy; and
  • vailable, meaning that users can locate and retrieve the information in a form that they can use

Some records may stay active and in use for decades, while others quickly become:

  • semi-active, meaning that they are removed from active files and placed in storage that remains accessible to search mechanisms and users, or
  • ready for disposition, meaning they can be disposed of in the following methods:
  • destroyed;
  • transferred from the control of the Government of Canada (alienation);
  • returned to sender; or
  • transferred to Library and Archives Canada.