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The Legacy Business Records Toolkit

The Legacy Business Records Project Toolkit consists of guides and workbooks that have been developed in order to enable Government of Canada institutions to plan and cost a Legacy Business Records Project within their respective institutions. The tool is designed to be user-friendly. By using the toolkit, users will be guided through the whole process step-by-step in a way that will allow the institution to reinstate IM Practices leading to the proper disposition of documents that have not been successfully managed throughout their life cycle. This toolkit was developed by Library and Archives Canada in collaboration with the Department of Justice, Health Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and Project Management Consultants. This tool was developed based on requirements gathered from three pilot projects that were conducted with the Department of Justice Canada, Health Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada to deal with legacy business records issues.

The toolkit consists of the following documents that can be used to successfully conduct a project to clear a paper backlog:

Training on the use of this toolkit is provided via The Knowledge Institute.

For additional information on training on this product please contact the Knowledge Institute.

For further information or feedback on this product please contact Library and Archives Canada Recordkeeping Liaison Centre