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Listing of the various Information Management guides produced by Library and Archives Canada in support of information management for Government of Canada institutions.

Email Management in the Government of Canada
Library and Archives announces the publication of a guide titled Email Management in the Government of Canada. Also included are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which provide overview of key points.

Function Based Records Classification
Function-based records classification is a logical arrangement of all records documenting or evidencing the activities of an institution based upon an analysis of the institution's business functions, sub-functions, and activities. To support Canadian federal government institutions intending to arrange their records by function, LAC has developed a design methodology for constructing function-based records classification systems.

Guidelines for Records Created under a Public Key Infrastructure Using Encryption and Digital Signatures
Provides current input to the Information Strategy, Service Delivery Strategy, and Information and Application Architecture.

Guidelines for the Transfer of Civilian Personnel Files Updated November 2009
These guidelines provide the necessary direction for transferring files to the Manitoba Regional Service Centre of Library and Archives Canada and for requesting file returns.

Guidelines for Computer File Types, Interchange Formats and Information Standards
This document has been replaced by the following (October 2010):
Local Digital Format Registry (LDFR) [PDF 1,316 KB]

Guidelines for transfer of records to the Regional Service Centres NEW!
This document outlines the procedures for transferring records to, and accessing records stored at, and the eventual disposition of all records to Regional Service Centres (formerly Federal Records Centres).

Guidelines for the Transfer of Textual Archival Records to Library and Archives Canada [PDF 85 KB]
Guidance for federal institutions on how to prepare records for transfer to the custody of Library and Archives Canada.

Information Management Publications
The products described in this list respond to identified government-wide needs for guidance concerning the management of government records.

Local Digital Format Registry (LDFR) [PDF 1,316 KB]
This document identifies computer file types, interchange formats and information standards that Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is recommending to facilitate the interoperability of digital information in the Government of Canada (GC).

Mail Management in Government Departments and Agencies
This guide is to be used as a reference for government Mail Room Managers and all others who have any responsibility for mail handling operations. It provides an excellent outline of sound mail management practices.

Managing Cartographic, Architectural and Engineering Records in the Government of Canada
Managing Cartographic, Architectural and Engineering Records in the Government of Canada is one of a series of handbooks on records and information management. It was written by Louis Cardinal, in cooperation with the Government Records Branch and in consultation with cartographic and architectural archivists, information management analysts, custodians and conservators at LAC.

Managing Documentary Art Records in the Government of Canada
All documentary art is a record and, like any memorandum, letter or electronic file connected to government business, it must be organized, preserved and scheduled for disposition according to good information management principles.

Process for the Consultation of Textual Records Subject to the Access to Information and Privacy Acts by Government Researchers
The process by which a federal employee may consult textual government records that are held in Library and Archives Canada's holdings.

Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada
Part 1 - Retention Guidelines: functional arrangement - Full text [PDF 397 KB]
Part 2 - Retention Guidelines: alphabetical arrangement by subject -- Full text [PDF 277 KB]
These guidelines provide advice to all institutions subject to the Library and Archives of Canada Act, on the establishment of minimum retention periods for records that support the five common administrative functions of the Government of Canada, namely General Administration, Real Property Management, Materiel Management, Comptrollership, and Human Resources Management. It replaces the Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records issued by Library and Archives in June, 2000, as well as the Schedules of the General Records Disposal Schedules (GRDS) Fourth Edition, 1986, PAC 86/001.