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1.4 Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada

National Archives of Canada
June 2000

You are viewing a document archived by Library and Archives Canada. For the most recent version, please visit  Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada.

Part 1
General Administration Function


The General Administration Function covers records of sub-functions and activities not covered elsewhere in the Retention Guidelines.

Records not authorized for disposition

Unique to the General Administration Function, many of the records listed do not offer retention guidelines. For these records, institutions should consult their existing Institution-Specific Disposition Authorities (ISDAs). When it is determined that disposition of the records is not authorized, or cannot be determined, institutional representatives should consult the National Archives of Canada. The reason for the lack of retention guidelines for many records covered in this Function is that the records can be connected to operational or mandate-related sub-functions and activities of government institutions and are therefore not authorized for disposition in the Multi-Institutional Disposition Authority Number 98/001 covering this Function. Examples of such records are acts, orders-in-council, records related to agreements, federations, institutes, committees, boards, international affairs and relations, inventions, licences issued to or by institutions, and so on.

Offices of Primary Interest

The Retention Guidelines do not apply to records of Offices of Primary Interest "OPIs", or central agencies, in the pursuance of their mandated role in a given area of responsibility related to General Administration on behalf of the Government of Canada. Examples of such government bodies are the Treasury Board Secretariat, the Privy Council Office, and the Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioners.

Similarly, in the area of security, the Retention Guidelines do not apply to organizations such as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Communications Security Establishment and again, the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Privy Council Office.

Any other institution mandated to perform, in full or in part, a General Administration function on behalf of the Government of Canada cannot use these Retention Guidelines to dispose of its records related to that function. The Retention Guidelines do apply, however, to such organizations' internal general administration records.


Use of the Retention Guidelines should be in accordance with the proposals contained in the Introduction. For additional information on the disposition of records of this Function, the Multi-Institutional Disposition Authority, Number 98/001, covering the General Administration Function should be consulted.

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