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1.4 Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada

National Archives of Canada
June 2000

You are viewing a document archived by Library and Archives Canada. For the most recent version, please visit  Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada.

Part 3
Materiel Management Function


The Materiel Management Function covers records of sub-functions and activities related to the management of movable assets such as furniture, furnishings, equipment, supplies, vehicles, and other materiel used or acquired by government institutions to facilitate the delivery of programmes and services.

Records not authorized for disposition

For many records covered in the Materiel Management Function, retention guidelines are offered. Excluded are records related to the procurement and maintenance of aircrafts, arms and armament, aviation supplies, clothing matters related to dress regulations and change of uniforms, procurement and maintenance of ocean going ships, launches, patrol and specialized vessels, icebrakers, and drydocks. Also excluded are records concerning a variety of technical and scientific equipment related to airport operations, firefighting, hospitals, life-saving, and navigational and other ships' instruments. The records related to these sub-functions and activities are not authorized for disposition in the Multi-Institutional Disposition Authority Number 99/003 covering the Materiel Management Function. For these records, institutions should consult their existing Institution-Specific Disposition Authorities (ISDAs). When it is determined that disposition of the records is not authorized, or cannot be determined, institutional representatives should consult the National Archives of Canada.

In addition, the retention guidelines contained in this Function do not apply to materiel assets acquired and used for Major Crown Projects.

Offices of Primary Interest

The Retention Guidelines do not apply to records of Offices of Primary Interest "OPIs", or central agencies, in the pursuance of their mandated role in the area of Materiel Management on behalf of the Government of Canada. Examples of such government bodies are the Treasury Board Secretariat, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Common Service Organizations, and the Department of National Defence - for military missions - and any other institution mandated to perform, in full or in part, a Materiel Management function on behalf of the Government of Canada. The Retention Guidelines do apply, however, to such organizations' internal materiel management records.


Use of the Retention Guidelines should be in accordance with the proposals contained in the Introduction. For additional information on the disposition of records of this Function, the Multi-Institutional Disposition Authority, Number 99/003, covering the Materiel Management Function should be consulted.

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