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Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities (MIDA)

Application of generic MIDA 2001/004

In the past, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has developed generic records disposition authorities that apply to records under the control of more than one institution and that share one or more characteristics, such as records created at the same hierarchical level in a number of institutions or records created in the same medium. These Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities (MIDAs) of a generic nature are distributed to all institutions subject to the Library and Archives of Canada Act.

The generic MIDA (2001/004) covers Audio-Visual Records Stored on Behalf of Client Departments by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). This MIDA was developed in partnership by LAC and PWGSC. Institutions which use the PWGSC film and audio-visual storage facilities as Client Departments will receive a signed Authority which is applied according to the attached Terms and Conditions and file list for the transfer of archival audio-visual records.

Institutions which do not use the audio-visual storage services provided by PWGSC cannot use MIDA 2001/004, but will receive or can view an unsigned example of this Authority on our corporate web-site ( under the Services to Government web-page. Non Client Departments must have their audio-visual records covered by Institution-Specific Records Disposition Authorities (ISDAs).

Institutions that choose to become future Client Departments of PWGSC for the storage of their audio-visual records should contact their respective archivist at LAC in order to plan for (without the need of a disposition submission) the archival appraisal and transfer to LAC of archival audio-visual records of their specific institution. After these preliminary steps are completed a signed MIDA 2001/004 will be issued and the institution can then apply it according to the Terms and Condition and attached file list for archival audio-visual records.

For any questions or advice about the applicability of MIDA 2001/004, please contact the Government Archives Business Centre by telephone at 819-934-7305, or by e-mail (

Main Table of Contents