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PART 6: Section E of the Terms and Conditions

6.1 Authorization to Dispose of Records

All operational case file records created, collected or maintained in any medium, by a federal institution subject to the Library and Archives of Canada Act in support of operational functions of the Government of Canada, and which meet all three criteria defining them as "case files" as set out in Section A of MIDA No. 2005/006, may be disposed of provided that the:

  • operational case file records do not meet any of the seven criteria for archival value set out in Section C.
  • operational case file records were not created before 1946.
If a series of operational case file records begins prior to 1946, the MIDA can still apply to records created after this date (i.e. on a sub-series basis). The MIDA cannot apply to individual case files created prior to 1946. For clarification, consult portfolio archivist.
  • retention periods for the operational case file records, established by the institutions according to their operational and legal requirements, have expired.

A strict application of the above definitions, exclusions, and archival criteria will ensure archival case file records are transferred to LAC and the appropriate disposal of all other operational case file records will occur.

PART 7: Further information

For further information, questions, or interpretation regarding this Multi-institutional Disposition Authority (MIDA) No. 2005/006 and its Terms and Conditions, please contact Library and Archives Canada at (1-819-934-7519) or via email at:

Also, note that this Application Guide is available on the LAC Web site at:

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