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MIDA for the Disposition of Surplus Publications in Government of Canada Institutions

4.7 APPENDIX I: TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Disposition of Surplus Publications in Government of Canada Institutions

A. Key Definitions

Canadian imprint
Material published in Canada.

The process of deleting from catalogue records the information related to publications that are being removed from a library collection.

Government Institution
Government institution has the same meaning as in section 3 of the Access to Information Act or in section 3 of the Privacy Act or means an institution designated by the Governor in Council.

Any printed matter that is made available to the public generally or to qualifying members of the public by subscription or otherwise, in multiple copies or at multiple locations, whether without charge or otherwise.

Donation to another government institution or to a Canadian not-for-profit organization such as an academic institution, other Canadian library or charitable organization registered in Canada.

Surplus publication
Any publication under the control of a government institution that is no longer required to support the mandate, functions and activities of that institution (i.e., there is no current or foreseen requirement for it).

The process of examining items in a library collection title by title to identify for permanent withdrawal those that meet pre-established criteria.

B. Scope of the Authority

  1. This Authority is applicable to all government institutions subject to the Library and Archives of Canada Act.
  2. This Authority is delegated to the senior official responsible for information management in government institutions.
  3. This Authority may be further delegated to Heads of libraries, or Heads of information management in institutions with no library.
  4. In institutions with a publication program, this authority to dispose of these surplus publications may be delegated to the program manager.
  5. This Authority is applicable to all publications under the control of a government institution subject to the Library and Archives of Canada Act that have been internally produced or acquired by purchase or donation and have been declared surplus.

C. Obligations of Government Institutions

  1. In support of the mandate of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to continually build Canada's documentary heritage collection, LAC retains the right to acquire any publications declared surplus by government institutions before they are offered to other potential acquiring entities or destroyed.
    Government institutions must notify LAC when they declare surplus any publications having at least one of the following characteristics:
    1. Single copies of rare Canadian imprints in good condition;
    2. Collections of Canadian imprints when a government institution or its library is closing permanently;
    3. Results of major weeding/de-accessioning initiatives which include significant numbers of Canadian imprints.
  2. All government institutions shall develop and implement a set of criteria for identifying publications that may be declared surplus.

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