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The Information Management Leadership Challenge

GTEC 2003, October 06, 2003

IM Champion for the Government of Canada

Why IM Should be on Your Agenda

  • Meeting your Service Delivery Objectives
    • Citizen-focused Service Delivery
    • Government on Line
  • Meeting your Management Objectives
    • Management Accountability
    • Modern Comptrollership Agenda
    • Values and Ethics Agenda

Information is a valuable asset, entrusted to us by citizens & it needs to be managed

Business Case for IM

  • Estimated 50% of the payroll dollars in government are expended on information-intensive activities
  • Estimated $870 million annual direct cost to the Government of Canada of time wasted through poor information management
  • Amount of time wasted by the average knowledge worker on non-value added document related tasks will increase to between 30 and 40% of their time by 2003
  • Employees receive an average of 30 emails daily and spend average of 2 hours or more per day reading and responding to emails.
  • When email is introduced into an office, printing volumes increase by 40 %
  • Legacy Business Records
    • Estimated 15 million linear ft. of record backlogs in the Government of Canada
    • Estimated $254 million to store and access
  • Challenge that E-Records presents

Challenges to Improving IM in the Government of Canada

  • Leadership
    • Need to be engaged and committed
  • Culture
    • Accountability Accords should reflect importance of IM
  • Resources ($)

What Participants Told Us ... Barriers

What is the major barrier to good IM in your Department ?:



Organizational Culture








Financial Resources




What Participants Told Us…Catalysts

Drivers for improving Information Management ? :



Demonstrated Value to Business


Auditor General/Privacy Commissioner/Information Commissioner


TBS Policy/Direction


DM/ADM Leadership


Penalties for non-compliance


None of the above


Government Response

  • Management of Government Information Policy (MGI)
  • Framework for the Management of Information (FMI)
  • Governance (TIMS, IMPC)
  • TIMS has recommended IM Capacity Assessments
  • Integrated TBS-LAC IM Plan

Integrated Treasury Board and Library and Archives Canada Work Plan 2003 -2004

  • Increasing the understanding and awareness of the importance of IM
  • Developing and sharing Guidance, Tools & Best Practices
  • Developing the IM Community

Working together to advance the IM Agenda

  • Management of Government Information Implementation
  • Guidance and Tools
  • Public Access to, Interoperability and Preservation of Government Information
  • Facilitate the Transition to the e-record
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Skills and Community Development
  • Coordination and Leadership
  • On-going Support

Library and Archives Canada Role in IM

  • Merger of Library and Archives
  • National Source of enduring knowledge about Canada
  • World-class knowledge and information management institution
  • Lead agency role in IM

As a lead agency in IM we have been busy:

Library and Archives Canada: IM Strategy and Approach

  • Work closely with TBS to support the implementation of the Management of Government Information Policy
  • Partner with government departments
  • Pilot approach to develop realistic/workable solutions

Library and Archives Canada: IM Activities

  • Our IM Activities focus on four broad areas:
    • Increasing Understanding & Awareness of Importance of IM
    • Helping to Build IM Capacity
    • Facilitating the Management of Legacy Business Records
    • Helping expedite transition to Electronic Records

Library and Archives Canada IM Initiatives

  • Increase Understanding & Awareness of Importance of IM
    • IM Symposium
    • Symposium on Preservation of E-Records
    • Canadian Metadata Forum
    • IM Champion (Speaking Engagements)
  • Help Build IM Capacity
    • IM Capacity Check
    • Web-based Records and Information Life Cycle Guide
    • Provide full Records Disposition Coverage
    • IM Guidance
    • Support to Federal Libraries
  • Facilitating the Management of Legacy business Records
    • Guidance for Departments on Managing their Legacy Records including
      • A Planning and Resourcing guide for clearing records backlogs
      • Exploring shared storage solutions
  • Help expedite transition to Electronic Information
    • Electronic Records Archival Framework
    • Electronic File Formats Policy
    • Preservation of Electronic Publications
    • Archiving of web-sites
    • Metadata

Need for strong leadership in IM

  • Cultural change- information must be viewed and managed as a valued asset
  • Managers need to be held accountable for managing Information
  • We need to work together to find and share solutions

Change can start anywhere but can only be successful and sustained by committed Leaders.


For further information: []; Telephone: 819-934-7519.

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