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ISO TC46/SC11: International Standards and the GC Directive on Recordkeeping

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The International Standards Organization (ISO) has over 200 technical committees (TC) developing standards in a range of subjects including:

  • ISO TC46 (Information and documentation) has four Sub-committees that develop international standards in librarianship, archives and recordkeeping:

    • - SC04 Technical Interoperability
    • - SC08 Quality: Statistics and Performance Evaluation
    • - SC09 Identification and Description
    • - SC11 Archives and Records Management

    The work of these groups is reflected in the development of GC policy instruments, guidelines, and tools for librarianship and recordkeeping. For example:

  • ISO TC46/SC11 Scope: "Standardization of principles for the creation and management of documents, records, and archives as evidence of transactions and covering all media including digital multimedia and paper".
  • ISO TC46/SC11 Membership: 40 + countries including public, private, academic sector archives and RK/RM organizations (e.g. LAC, NARA, BNF, NA (AUS), NA (NZ), ARMA), private consultants, national Standards Council bodies, etc.
  • ISO TC46/SC11 Working Groups:
    • - Revision of ISO 15489 as a management system standard for records;
    • - Metadata for records
    • - Work process analysis for records;
    • - Long-term preservation of e-records;
    • - Digitization of records;
    • - Digital records conversion and migration;
    • - Risk assessment for records;
    • - Business continuity/vital records.

Benefits of ISO TC46 standards

  • Provides a baseline for internationally recognized best practices in librarianship and recordkeeping;
  • Ensures consistent levels of quality, performance, reliability;
  • Enables better communication nationally and internationally;
  • Influences key Canadian objectives in librarianship and recordkeeping;
  • Enhances business procedures and methodologies to support innovation, research, and greater Canadian economic prosperity.

Influence of international standards on the GC Directive on Recordkeeping

Graphical element that indicates the three ISO standards which apply to the GC Directive on RK.

ISO 15489 Records Management
Provides guidance on creating, capturing and managing records in public, private, and academic organizations.

ISO 26122 Work Process Analysis for Records
Provides a method for identifying the critical points of a business process when records should be made and retained.

ISO 23081 Metadata for Records
Provides concepts and principles for creating, implementing, and managing metadata for records.

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