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Setting Retention Specifications for Information Resources

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Okay, keeping records is the right thing to do …but for how long?

What's involved?

What are the considerations? (Why do it?)

Image of a woman in front of a computer terminal
Woman in front of a computer terminal
  • Citizen's rights
  • Accountability
  • Protecting the Government of Canada
  • Business needs
  • Costs

How does it work?

Image of an hourglass

How do we decide?

Research then Consultation then Decision

What is the result?

Retention Specifications for Departmental Information Resources
Approved: 1 March 2009

Document Type Function-based Context Case Context Retention Period and Initiator Disposition
OPI OCI Others OPI OCI Others
Agreement for the Transfer of Archival Records Collection Management
- Acquire
- Obtain
Two years after records removed from the collection Two years after first transfer Do not retain Transfer Destroy Destroy

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